Life Is About More Than What You See & There Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of In Letting It Come To The Surface.

Life Is About More Than What You See & There Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of In Letting It Come To The Surface.

Happy SaturYAY!


A lot of you have asked how I have the courage to be open about my life.

To reveal the good, the bad & the ugly deets to the world.

How I could be so unafraid to let you all in on the facts:

That I’m battling an ED & grieving my mom’s death.

That a relationship I thought was forever didn’t work out.

That I moved back home.

That I’m on medical leave from work.

That I wake up feeling like utter crap some days.

That I cry when I watch ED films as they trigger the thoughts that I’ve worked hard to get rid of.

That I spend 1/2 my day in the KITCH to keep my weight on track & not to let myself be sucked back into old habits.

That people who I thought were close to me betrayed me, let me down & blamed me.

That I was anorexic.

That I still am as I’m still working on my mental well-being.

& Ultimately, that I’m not perfect.

How am I so OK with revealing all this to the world?

 My response?

Because despite all of this, I CHOSE HAPPINESS.


My ultimate goal is to motivate, inspire, encourage & HELP you all do the same.

Anorexia brought me to the lowest point in my life.

The most rock-bottom pit I had ever sunk into.

The deepest, darkest & scariest cave.


Now that I’m feeling HIGH AF.

That I’ve dug my way out of that pit.


I see the light at the end of this horrifying cave.

I want nothing more than to use my negative experience to HELP YOU GET BACK UP.




You don’t have to be battling an ED to want & need this inspiration.

Each one of us is going through something.

We’re all battling, struggling & fighting.

Nobody’s perfect.


I’ve come to realize that the beauty of forming communities & putting my story out on social media is to show you just that.

To show you that life is about more than what you see.

Life is about more than the pictures.

More than what is on the surface.

Life is about what LIES BENEATH THE SURFACE.


The only way to find true happiness is to let what’s lying underneath come out.

To learn & grow from it.

To turn it into something positive.

From then on, not only will you LOOK happy but you will FEEL HAPPY.

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