Embrace Your Beauty For All That It Is & That’s Exactly What You Will Radiate.

Embrace Your Beauty For All That It Is & That’s Exactly What You Will Radiate.

Good morning, my loves!


Happy FriYAY!

Let’s make today about body love.


You know what?

Better yet, let’s make today about SELF-LOVE.

& Most importantly, let us develop the ability to disconnect body love from self-love.

Let us acknowledge that self-love is not solely defined by the love we have for our physical selves.

That it’s about what goes beyond the surface.

That we can find meaning in our inner beauty.

Our inner strength.

Our heart.

Our soul.

Our energy.

Our courage.

Our motivation.

Our kindness.


Once we are ready & able to do that, the body loves comes naturally.

When you learn to love yourself for YOU, for who you are not only externally but most importantly, internally…

When you learn to love yourself despite all your imperfections… 

That’s when you can say you have achieved not only self-love but body love.

This is what recovery is all about.

It’s about seeing BEAUTY in the things that really matter.


Ultimately, it’s about seeing the BEAUTY IN LIFE.


So, here I am, posing in front of a mirror yet again.

No, I do not have abs.

Yes, my thighs are getting more voluptuous.

My arms are still thin but I’m working on that.

My cheeks are chubbier & my face has filled out.

I am no longer the skinniest, most frail, skeletal-about-to-break-into-pieces girl in the room.

But you know what?

I stand in front of this mirror a stronger, braver & more motivated woman than I was a month ago, a week ago, heck, just yesterday

All of that makes me proud.

It makes me love me.

It makes me embrace me.

It makes me embrace all the physical changes to my body simply because I’ve taught my mind to look beyond the superficial.

I’ve learned that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Love yourself.

Breathe positivity.

Embrace your beauty for all that it is & that’s exactly what you will radiate.

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