Yes, The Rumours Are True. I’m 26. I Moved Back Home & There Really Is Nothing Wrong With That.

Yes, The Rumours Are True. I’m 26. I Moved Back Home & There Really Is Nothing Wrong With That.

Yes, the rumours are true.

Well, rather, they aren’t rumours.

I moved back home & I’m not ashamed to admit it.

My journey towards recovery has not only been about regaining control of my life, mind & body after anorexia robbed me of it & led me to the lowest, rock-bottom point in my life.

BUT, it has also been about:

Changing my lifestyle.

Becoming a better ME.

Ridding myself of all negativity & surrounding myself with positivity.


Ultimately, growing both emotionally & spiritually from every experience, good or bad, that I have been faced with & that I’ve learned to deal with.

Moving back home was one of (a million) those experiences

& I cannot put into words how liberated, refreshed, relieved, carefree & amazing I feel.

BUT, most of all, I cannot express how much this experience has allowed me to GROW as a person.

Although it has only been a few months:

My anxiety levels have reached all-time LOWS.

I’m happy.

I’m excited.

I’m healthy.

I’m relaxed.

I’m focused.

I’m driven.

I’m determined.

I’m motivated.


I’m committed.

& BEST OF ALL, I’m surrounded by ALL THE THINGS I was lacking.

I was being held back & pushed into doubting my decision to choose recovery in the 1st place.

BUT NOW, I’m surrounded by positivity, support, love, care & motivation. 

So yes, I’m 26 & I moved back home.

But there really is nothing wrong with that.

By now, I should be a big-shot lawyer winning all my cases & making big bucks, right?

But I’m not.

I’m focusing on me.


Exploring & bettering my spiritual, intellectual & emotional well-being.

I’m making me a priority.

Making anorexia recovery my B.

Taking control of my body & mind.

Enjoying life.

Helping, inspiring & raising awareness about eating disorders, anxiety & mental illnesses on a daily basis.

I’m growing. I’m growing into the woman I was ALWAYS meant to become.

I am no longer the woman in hiding. Who had a wall up. Who was too afraid to face her emotions.


Ultimately, the woman who was too afraid to face reality.

All this to say, I’ve come to realize that everything in life has its time.

Sometimes certain things fall apart so better things come together (As cliché as it sounds).


Everything happens for a reason.

I’m 26. I moved back home.

But, I have a whole life ahead of me.


& What’s more?

I appreciate this life that awaits me so much more because, at this exact moment, almost 6 months ago…

I did not know if I would wake up to live another day.

I did not know if the gift of life was something I would never get to open again.

But now I know.

Now, I am ALIVE.


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