Why Failure Is A Beautiful Thing & One That You Should Be Thankful For (Yes, As Crazy & Insane As It Sounds!). Let Me Explain!

Why Failure Is A Beautiful Thing & One That You Should Be Thankful For (Yes, As Crazy & Insane As It Sounds!). Let Me Explain!

This morning’s RANT is HERE (It’s your lucky day!). LAWLZ, just kidding.

No, but seriously, if you need some TUESDAY AFTERNOON MOTIVATION, continue reading, my loves!

In ED recovery, progress doesn’t mean that you need to make the accomplishment of your life every single day.

It’s about baby steps (Yes, even really little ones!)

& Sometimes… Progress is even about stagnation & about things remaining exactly how they are.

But, progress is also about having the ability to recognize that failure is okay.

& Not only being able to do that, but what’s more?

Being thankful for failure because I strongly believe that every failure is planned.

I’ll say it again: God throws his toughest battles at his strongest soldiers.

At those who he believes will be able to fight them.

Grow from them.


Ultimately, win them.

Failure is thrown at you to reveal another layer of who you are & then it leaves.

Its purpose is to:

Shake the hell out of you.

Tear you down.

Break your little heart into a million little pieces.

Make you so desperate & hopeless to the point where you have no alternative but to work on your mind to TURN SAID FAILURE INTO SUCCESS & GET RID OF IT.

Reveal obstacles, triggers, anxieties, thoughts & hardship.


Most of all, BREAK YOU OPEN so new light can get in.


Although it may be IMPOSSIBLE to see the beauty in failure in the moment, as you experience it…

When you see the light, you finally realize why you were faced with it in the first place.


Then, your life & most importantly your body becomes a VESSEL FOR EXPERIENCE.

You let yourself see, smell & BEST OF ALL, taste.

You experience a new, carefree, liberated & softer existence, even if only for a little while (Because yes, those feelings of failure, hopelessness & desperation do come back).

Your mind & body allow you to do things you never thought possible.





It gives you the energy you need, the comfort you crave & most of all, the strength you need to survive & LIVE ANOTHER DAY.

Who would’ve thought all these beautiful things could come about as a result of failure?

Certainly not me.

But now I know.

& Here I am…


All this to say, if you feel like you failed today.

Embrace it!


Ultimately, it will make you grow.

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