Kelly’s Clean-Eating Creamy AF Mango Sesame Ginger Dressing a.k.a. Lusciously-Rich-Delicious-Sweet-Tangy-&-Citrusy-Smother-Me-On-Everything!

Kelly’s Clean-Eating Creamy AF Mango Sesame Ginger Dressing a.k.a. Lusciously-Rich-Delicious-Sweet-Tangy-&-Citrusy-Smother-Me-On-Everything!

Hi babies!!


Happy Monday! Sorry to remind you… but I mean, IT’S A REALITY WE GOTTA DEAL WITH.

It’s so gloomy out here in Montreal to the point where it does not even feel like summer… BUT HEY! Gloomy days call for kitchen days. Gloomy days call for meal prepping. GLOOMY DAYS CALL FOR MAKING ONE OF KELLY IN THE KITCH’S FAMOUS SALAD DRESSINGS! Right? I know… Just gave you like the best idea ever! (I have about a million other dressings up on the blog RN, BUT IN CASE YOU’VE TRIED ‘EM ALL ALREADY, here is yet another baby to WOW the F outta you!).

Last night, I whipped up a CREAMY AF MANGO SESAME GINGER DRESSING for the week! I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE the idea of having a dressing ready in my fridge on days where I’m lazy after an intense workout & just want to whip up a quick salad!

ANYWHO, this one is:


She’s versatile!


Not to mention GORG!




& Oh… did I mention DELISH?!?

Her texture is absolutely PERF because you can use her in Asian style noodle dishes as your sauce, as a salad dressing, as a dip for raw veggies or tortilla chips, as a sandwich spread, in Buddha bowls, stir fries or just SLURP IT, like legit eat it by the SPOOOOONFUL! (Like you would Nutella or PB).

Basically, if you LOVE rich & creamy dressings, this babe will make your WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!

And I mean… can we just discuss how the base of her is none other than MANGOES?! Like… come on, guys! Admit it, you’re freaking.

Ladies & gents, this is Kelly’s Clean-Eating Creamy AF Mango Sesame Ginger Dressing a.k.a. Lusciously-Rich-Delicious-Sweet-Tangy-&-Citrusy-Smother-Me-On-Everything!

BTW, total sidenote, I’ve legit become obsessed with any & all salad dressings whose base is FRUIT! I find that the natural sweetness of fruit blended with the citrusy tangy taste of fresh lemon & any & all kinds of vinegars & oils is SIMPLY PERFECTION! Seriously… it’s really truly amazing what you can do when you get creative in the kitch & experiment with new ingredients you would’ve NEVER otherwise tried! GET ADVENTUROUS, MY LOVES! You won’t regret it & let this baby be your starting point!

BUT FIRST. MANGOES. MANGOES. MANGOES. What’s so good about them, right? I mean, besides the fact that they are so naturally sweet with just the right amount of citrus, delicious & have the most perfect texture


They can help prevent macular degeneration. In simple terms? They’re great for eye health! (Thanks to the anxioxidant Zeaxanthin)

Due to their beta-carotene content (ALSO, an antioxidant), these babes can help lower the risk of developing asthma!

Mangoes can help protect against certain types of cancers (ALSO because of their beta-carotene content!)

Mangoes contain Vitamin K, which is essential for improving calcium absorption essential for optimal BONE HEALTH!

DUE TO THEIR FIBER & WATER CONTENT, the babes are AMAZING for promoting regularity (if you know what I mean) & an overall healthy digestive tract!

Given their fiber, potassium & vitamin content, mangoes can help ward off HEART DISEASE! In fact, an increase in potassium intake along with a decrease in sodium intake is the MOST IMPORTANT dietary change a person can make in order to reduce the risk of heart disease!

LASTLY, these babies are great for your hair (because of their vitamin A content, which is a nutrient required for sebum production that keeps hair moisturized)! Vitamin A is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues, including skin & hair.

OH BUT WAIT, while we’re on the topic of beauty… adequate intake of Vitamin C, which 1-cup of mango per day can provide (AWESOME, RIGHT?) is essential for building & maintaining collagen, which provides structure to skin & hair and helps maintain skin elasticity!


My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • 1 cup of organic frozen mangoes OR 1 large ripe mango;
  • 2 tbsp. of organic rice wine vinegar (I use the natural kind, but feel free to use the seasoned one if you prefer!);
  • 2 tbsp. of organic toasted sesame oil (I use the one by Maison Orphée);
  • 2 tbsp. of soy-sauce substitute (coconut aminos) OR reduced-sodium soy sauce OR gluten-free Tamari (I use Naked Coconuts Soy Sauce Substitute);
  • 2 tbsp. of nutritional yeast (I use Bob’s Red Mill);
  • ½ tsp. of ground ginger;
  • 1 tsp. of garlic powder;
  • A sprinkle of organic Himalayan pink salt;
  • The juice of 1 organic lemon;
  • 1-2 tbsp. of water (Depending on the consistency you want your dressing to have!);


NOW, HOW TO WHIP THIS BABY UP? Wait until you see how simple it is! I’m about to WOW the F out of you. Basically, you’ve got like no work to do, EXCEPT ADD ALL THESE BABES OF INGREDIENTS TO YOUR BLENDER & press a button… I’m not even joking.

Seriously, this is how you do it:

  • Add all these beautz ingredients (except the lemon juice & the water) to your blender or food processor!


  • BLEND the F out of ‘em until they are fully combined & a CREAMY, THICK, RICH, SMOOTH & GORGEOUSLY-ORNANGEY-YELLOW AF DRESSING IS OBTAINED;




  • Open your blender, check the consistency & taste the babe!
    • If you feel your dressing is too thick, add the juice of 1 organic lemon & 2 tbsp. of water (I found mine was too thick after blend numero uno, BUT IT WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT once I added the lemon & water!). You can also add more of any of the other liquid ingredients if you prefer – add some more sesame oil or soy-sauce substitute if you want your dressing to have an even more Asian-flavour, or some more rice wine vinegar for a more tangy dressing!
    • If you wish to keep your dressing THICK & CREAMY AF, do not add the lemon or water or add one of the two.
    • You may find that the dressing is missing a little bit of salt – this is because, as you munchkins know, I am DEFINITELY more of a sweet-tooth kinda girl than a salty one, so I tend to use less salt than more! If you feel it’s missing salt, add some ‘mo & blend again!
  • If you are adding the lemon juice & water, DO SO STAT. Then, blend this baby a second time! Once blended, it should still have a thick & creamy consistency, but should be slightly thinner than she was after the first blend! Personally, I think it’s best to add the lemon & water because then you can use this baby not only as a marinade, dip or sauce but also as a salad dressing! BASICALLY, if you add the lemon & water, this baby becomes EVEN MORE VERSATILE!




  • Store the babe in an airtight container & refrigerate for up to one week!
  • DEVOUR!!!!




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