How Not To Fall Off Track? Turn Consistency Into Your Lifestyle!

How Not To Fall Off Track? Turn Consistency Into Your Lifestyle!



About to RANT.

I mean, what do you expect me to do when the rest of the world is asleep?!

Anywho, wondering how not to fall off track?


Initially, it may seem like consistency is a duty or an obligation, but your ultimate goal should be to turn consistency into a lifestyle.

Whatever it is in your life that you are working to keep consistent, become passionate about it & LOVE IT.

It should not be a burden but should rather be a part of your life that becomes so routine & ordinary that it becomes a part of YOU!


I have found that one of the BEST ways to do so is to educate myself about the things I want to be consistent with!

From anything to lemon water!

healthy eating!

raising awareness about mental illness!

anxiety & eating disorders!

vitamins & supplements!

working out!

how to work on myself & my mind until I reach a point of mental & emotional stability!


how to cope with & develop distraction techniques to face anxieties, triggers & negative thoughts/people.

In educating myself about all of the above, I’ve developed & found MY passion.

A love.

A desire to want to be a better ME.

& Best of all, a desire to want to SPREAD MY NEWFOUND KNOWLEDGE & share it with the world in hopes of helping & inspiring YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE to do the same!

SO, yes, I am holding up a glass of room temperature lemon water, but really, this photo represents so much more than that.

It represents almost 6 months in the making.

It represents hours of therapy, mindwork, research, crying, laughing, distress & utter happiness.

It represents the life of a girl not only recovering from anorexia but also making the decision to use recovery as a way to BETTER HERSELF AS A PERSON IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE.

It’s true what they say…

Approach life with a glass-half-full approach & you will surround yourself with positivity.

Do the contrary & you won’t.


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