STRECH MARKS? No problem! My Go-To Remedies to Help Those Bad Boys Fade Away!

STRECH MARKS? No problem! My Go-To Remedies to Help Those Bad Boys Fade Away!


No problem!

Whether you’ve got ‘em post-pregnancy or due to rapid weight gain, these products will help fade ‘em away! (Unfortunately, the marks will never really permanently go away, BUT there are ways to improve their appearance!).

Basically, stretch marks happen when your skin grows faster than what your body & skin’s collagen can handle. Our skin is made up of collagen & elastic proteins that actually have a threshold. Once they stretch beyond that threshold, the proteins break & THE (unfortunate) RAW EVIDENCE? Stretch marks!

For those of you who asked, I take Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin E & Collagen supplements daily & also make sure to get my fix of all these vitamins & minerals through my food intake!



Its abilities to heal skin wounds & damaged scar tissue & help restore skin & connective tissue make it effective in the treatment of stretch marks!

You can also get your fix from foods such as citrus fruit, greens & broiled fish!

P.S. I take the ones by Sisu Vitamins!


Helps prevent the development of stretch marks due to its antioxidant properties that help maintain the health of skin tissue & membranes.

Vitamin E promotes the growth of new skin cells & helps build firmness & skin elasticity.

Not only can it prevent ‘em, but it can also help treat existing ones. HOW? Pop a vitamin E capsule & apply it topically to the affected areas.

You can also get your fix from whole grain foods, green leafy veggies, almonds & mangoes!

P.S. I take the ones by Whole Earth & Sea!


Zinc, taken in conjunction with a collagen supplement, is the best way to prevent & cure stretch marks as it generates the production collagen, which BTW, is not found in food (making Zinc all the more essential).

Collagen is what holds our bodies’ skin tissues together & is the most abundant structural protein (makes up 80% of all connective tissue!). If & when you have enough collagen, it will be NEARLY impossible to get stretch marks!

P.S. I take the ones by NOW Foods!


As I mentioned, since it is not possible to get collagen through food, taking a daily collagen supplement or using collagen powders such as VITAL PROTEINS or BULLETPROOF in your smoothies, baking or cooking is ESSENTIAL!

P.S. I take the ones by Organic Health!


Jojoba oil has many skin healing properties, i.e. soothing, moisturizing & restoring the skin.

BUT MOST OF ALL, it enhances collagen production & improves skin elasticity by tightening the appearance of lines over the outer layer of the skin.

It can also help prevent future stretch marks as it enhances cell generation.

P.S. I use the one by Divine Essence Aromatherapy!


Made up of certain mineral oils & plant extracts (calendula, lavender, rosemary & chamomile), vitamin A (skin regeneration properties), vitamin E & PurCellin Oil, when applied directly to the affected areas, this baby drastically helps improve the appearance of stretch marks.


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