Happy Birthday Mommy <3

Happy Birthday Mommy <3

Happy birthday to the most beautiful woman & most beautiful soul.

There’s a reason you left such a mark on every single person you encountered.

Happy birthday, mommy.

I miss you like hell.

Today, you would’ve been 54.

Actually, today you are 54.

I always hated (& still hate) talking about you in the past tense. That’s because even though you aren’t physically here with me, I still feel your presence no matter where I am.

I’ve been wearing you on my finger, carrying you with me everywhere I go & I know you are with me.

I know you are with me because I would not have been able to find the strength to overcome my illness if it weren’t for you.

I know, with utmost certainty, that it is YOU that sends me the WILLPOWER to pick myself up on my bad days & to continue fighting.

I know that it is YOU smiling from ear to ear on my good days, on my best days & on my accomplishment days.

I know that it is YOU that inspires me to be a better me each & every single day.

BUT MOST OF ALL, I know that it is YOU (& daddy) that raised me to be the strong & independent woman that I am & that has found it within herself to not only recover from this eating disorder, but to grieve your loss, the WORST loss that I have ever suffered in my entire life.

And today, on your birthday, I thank you:

For your love.

For your support.

For your motivation.

For your heart of gold.

For your determination.

For your care.

For your generosity.

For your unselfishness.

For your complete & utter dedication.


Not only do I thank you for all of that while you were still here with me physically…

BUT MOST OF ALL, I thank you for continuing to provide me with all of that (& more) from above, for watching over me & for helping me grow as a person with you as a role model.

I’m growing up without you but because you are so present all around me, it almost feels like you are an angel following me through life, guiding me & helping me make the right choices.

So thank you my love.

Thank you for ALWAYS fulfilling your duties as a mom WITH UTMOST PERFECTION & thank you for continuing to fulfill them. I never had a doubt that that’s exactly what you would do.

I love you mommy.

Yesterday. Today. Always. Forever.

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  • This was a hard day for me too Kelly. Your mom told mine “anyone born on July 9th is a good person. ” My mom’s birthday today. I miss her like crazy. We were supposed to grow old together.

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