Kelly’s Top-6 to Fight Skin Redness & Hyper-Pigmentation a.k.a. Hello Even, Calmed, Soothed, Clear & Radiant Skin! Basically, Hello “Skin-Goals”!

Kelly’s Top-6 to Fight Skin Redness & Hyper-Pigmentation a.k.a. Hello Even, Calmed, Soothed, Clear & Radiant Skin! Basically, Hello “Skin-Goals”!


Hi lovies! 


Back again, this time with some skincare stuff!

This morning, one of you munchkins asked me if I had any tips for facial redness! As you all know, (THANK GOODNESS), I never had acne-prone skin or any severe acne-related issues or breakouts!

BUT, BUT, BUT, REDNESS (& UNEVEN SKIN TEXTURE) WAS ALWAYS A PROBLEM FOR ME! And you munchkins also know that when I have a problem, I like to TACKLE IT! So of course, I have tons of tips for redness up my sleeve!


Ladies & gents, I present you with Kelly’s Top-6 to Fight Skin Redness & Hyper-Pigmentation a.k.a. Hello Even, Calmed, Soothed, Clear & Radiant Skin! Basically, Hello “Skin-Goals”!

THESE PRODUCTS HAVE LITERALLY CHANGED MY SKIN! THANKFULLY, every single one of these babies has been there for me & helped me along my journey & transition to AN ULTIMATELY ALL-OVER-HEALTHIER-ME!

1. Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil by Divine Essence Aromatherapy

I have a slight obsession with this stuff & I’ve been using it for about 3 months now! The naturally-occurring linoleic acid has anti-inflammatory properties, which help soothe & heal damaged or dilated capillaries, which cause redness (especially if you have fair skin!).

Obviously, this is not an INSTANT FIX. It’s a process that takes time just like most things that have to do with skincare & you have to be patient!

2. Good Genes by Sunday Riley

I’ve already spoken to you about this baby many times (& I did a whole post on it!). I swear by this stuff – It has literally changed my skin & taken away all my redness. Like I’ve told you munchkins before, I saw a difference in the first 3-4 days of using this.

The lactic acid will help tackle all types of hyper-pigmentation, whether it results from dark spots from aging, dark circles, redness or bad acne breakouts!

This product also contains licorice (sounds weird, I know!), which is a natural brightener & can help with redness as well. AND, not only that, but also lemongrass, which will help boost your skin’s radiance!

3. Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley

I’ve been using the Good Genes in conjunction with this oil, which is a retinol oil. I strongly believe that this baby has helped contribute to all the amazing changes I’ve seen in my skin.

(P.S. I always apply this first & then I apply the Good Genes right over it!).

Overall, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, uneven texture, age spots & redness!

Basically, it will give you younger looking skin &  make your skin feel more plump!

Aside from all the benefits you reap from the retinol, this baby also contains Chamomile essential oils. As you all know, Chamomile has long been known for its calming & soothing effects (In fact, many people will drink chamomile tea before bed!). These oils will do the same thing for your skin help calm, soothe & even out the skin, all while reducing redness or irritation & will help even out your skin’s texture (which is another one of my main skin issues & another reason for which I began using this product with the Good Genes!).

4. Virgin Marula Oil by Drunk Elephant

This product is a staple in my morning skincare routine! I simply cannot live without it!

The Vitamin C content in this oil helps boost collagen production, improve skin elasticity & reduces hyper-pigmentation!

Also, TIME FOR ME TO GO ALL SCIENCE ON YOU, marula oil contains a compound called B-sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory & antioxidant helps repair & strengthen your skin’s barrier function & helps reduce scarring (even those resulting from severe acne breakouts), inflammation, itchiness, redness & collagen-degrading enzymes.

Basically, inflammation is one of the main causes of redness & this will help you tackle it!

5. Sea Buckthorn Oil (applied topically to the skin) by Sibu Beauty

As you know, I take a daily supplement of this stuff recently, but I have also started applying it topically to my skin!

This oil has provided me with amazing skin benefits since I started taking the supplement & even more so, since I started applying it topically. It is restorative, regenerative & hydrating!

Basically, this oil helps reduce skin inflammation due to its omega-7 fatty-acid content, as well as its antioxidant properties that help repair the skin’s tissue! It has been used to tackle damaged, problematic skin!

In fact, a lot of people that have rosacea have used this oil  to treat it& IT WORKED! So, if it works of that, imagine what it can do for simple skin irritation, redness & acne breakouts.

AND BTW, the reason that it works to calm & sooth roasecsa is because it has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties & ultimately, redness is caused by JUST THAT, so imagine what it can do for you!

6. Omega-7 Sea Buckthorn Supplement by Sibu Beauty

Why not enhance the benefits of the Oil by ALSO taking a daily supplement as a boost?


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