Kelly’s Clean-Eating Vegan & Gluten-Free Spiced-AF Carrot Soup a.k.a. The-Creamiest-Babe-You-Ever-Did-See-Oh-&-Did-Somebody-Say-Dairy-Free?!

Kelly’s Clean-Eating Vegan & Gluten-Free Spiced-AF Carrot Soup a.k.a. The-Creamiest-Babe-You-Ever-Did-See-Oh-&-Did-Somebody-Say-Dairy-Free?!



I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

Unfortunately, I must remind you that it’s Monday & MONDAY MEANS A NEW WEEK, but it also means it’s a good idea to meal prep some goodies to keep in your fridge for the longer work days (where you get home wanting to devour anything in sight0 that are about to hit you (& that you don’t know about yet!!!). I know. Weh! AND SO. HERE I AM, ABOUT TO GIVE YOU SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL TO MEAL PREP!

Yesterday morning, THE SITCH IN MY KITCH was none other than this GORGEOUSLY-ORANGE SPICED THE EFF UP CARROT SOUP! Basically, this soup is what happens when I find TOO MANY CARROTS IN MY FRIDGE!

I mean… What better way to put the babes to good use than to whip up a beautifully-creamy-rich-AF carrot soup, all while being gluten-free & vegan?!? Yes, you’re right my loves – THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. CARROT SOUP FTW!

Packed with LOADS of vitamins A & C (I’m talking 537% & 22% of the recommended daily values!), this babe is healthy, creamy, rich, indulgent & super duper spicy & savory!

But what’s in her, you ask? I mean, OBVIOUSLY CARROTS. But, I loaded her with tons of other savoury goodness to have your tummies (& mine, of course) dancing all kinds of boogie! Let me explain!


COCONUT OIL ❤ (I mean…)




Fresh parsley!


Garlic powder!



Smoked paprika!

Dried parsley flakes!

Ground ginger (or fresh!)

Freshly ground black pepper & organic Himalayan pink sea salt!

OH & some pure organic maple syrup!

Talk about being on point with that SPICE GAME, right?! I’m talking SPICE GAME STRONG!

OH BTW, she’s also gluten-free, grain-free, vegan, refine sugar-free, dairy-free & GUILT-FREE! So, you can load up on her no matter what your dietary restrictions are & YOU CAN EAT AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. BASICALLY, THIS BABE GIVES YOU CARTE BLANCHE!

And if all that beautifulness & convenience wasn’t enough, wanna know how she ranks nutritionally? OH BUT OF COURSE YOU DO! A one-cup serving of this babe (& LET’S BE HONEST, ONE CUP IS NADA. YOU ARE HAVING AT LEAST TWO!) ranks in at:

8 grams of protein!


6g of fibre!

795g of potassium!

& will provide you with LOADS OF VITAMIN A & C! I’m talking 537% of the RDV of vitamin A & 22% of the RDV of vitamin C! Awesome, right?!

Ladies & gents, this is my Clean-Eating Vegan & Gluten-Free Spiced-AF Carrot Soup a.k.a. The-Creamiest-Babe-You-Ever-Did-See-Oh-&-Did-Somebody-Say-Dairy-Free?! 

BTW, did you munchkins know that the health benefits of carrots include:

Reduced cholesterol!

Prevention from heart attacks!

Warding off certain cancers, thanks to their beta-carotene content!

Improving vision & reducing the signs of premature aging! THANKS VITAMIN A, YOU ROCK!

Increasing health of the skin! FREE SKINCARE YET AGAIN! How much do you freaking adore me though?

Boosting the immune system, thanks to their antiseptic & antibacterial abilities & they are also a rich source of vitamin C, which stimulates white blood cell activity & is one of the most important elements in the human immune system!

Improving digestion (hello fibre!). Fibre is one of the most important elements in maintaining good digestive health, AS I’VE SAID LIKE 42948248204 TIMES. NOT only that but fibre also helps boost heart health by helping to eliminate excess LDL cholesterol from the walls of our arteries & blood vessels!

Detoxifying the bod & boosting oral-health!

Great for blood sugar regulation due to the presence of carotenoids, which affect insulin resistance & thus lower blood sugar, as well as regulate the amount of insulin & glucose being used & metabolized by the bod!

Great source of antioxidants!

OHHH & THEY ALSO PROVIDE A WELL-ROUNDED AMOUNT OF VITAMINS & MINERALS, such as vitamin K, B8, pantothenic acid, folate, potassium, iron, copper & manganese!


AND SO, if you aren’t convinced yet, I guess you should close this tab… BUT, IF YOU ARE (& I know you are!), WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, LET’S GET TO THE NITTY-GRITTY!

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • 2 tbsp. of organic coconut oil (MELTED) or organic extra-virgin olive oil;
  • 1 medium sweet white onion, CHOPPED;
  • 1 stalk of celery, CHOPPED;
  • 2 cloves of garlic, CHOPPED;
  • ¼ – ½ cup of fresh parsley (Depending how much you love your herbs – you decide, my loves!), CHOPPED;
  • 5 cups of carrots (about 6-8 medium carrots), CHOPPED;
  • 6 cups of water (If you prefer, you can also do 2 cups of water & 4 cups of reduced-sodium chicken or vegetable broth – this will give the soup a bit more flavour! BUT TBH, the spices will also do the trick, so it’s totally up to you guys! Feel free to play around with the ratios, but basically, you need 6 cups of liquid!);
  • 1 tsp. of garlic powder;
  • ½ tsp. of ground ginger;
  • 1 tsp. of smoked paprika;
  • 1 tsp. of dried parsley flakes;
  • 1 tsp. of ground cumin;
  • 1 tsp. of ground turmeric;
  • ¼ tsp. of freshly ground black pepper;
  • Organic Himalayan pink sea salt for seasoning!

OKAY, now for the step-by-step (& really easy to whip up) breakdown! Y’all ready for ‘dis? HERE WE GO!

  • Heat the coconut oil/olive oil in a large saucepan over MEDIUM heat! Once heated, add the garlic, onion, celery & fresh parsley, stirring occasionally, until softened. This should take about 4-6 minutes.

FullSizeRender 787.jpg

  • NOW, stir in them carrots! Add the water (&/or broth) & SPICES FOR DAYS & bring to a lively simmer over HIGH heat (What on earth is a “lively simmer”, right? Basically, YOUR POT SHOULD BE SIZZLIN’ & BUBBLIN’ & GOIN’ CRAY-CRAY!).

FullSizeRender 783.jpg

FullSizeRender 793

FullSizeRender 802

FullSizeRender 785

FullSizeRender 803

FullSizeRender 794

  • Once that lively simmer point is reached, reduce the heat to maintain it & cook until the carrots are very tender! I started out with setting my timer to 25 minutes, but added an extra 5 just to be safe because the carrots didn’t look quite soft enough just yet!

FullSizeRender 789

FullSizeRender 799

FullSizeRender 798

  • Once your carrots are softened, PURÉE THE EFF OUT OF THE CONTENTS OF YOUR POT (in batches, if your blender is not big enough) in a BLENDER until SMOOTH, BEAUTIFULLY-RICH CREAMY & DECADENT TEXTURE IS OBTAINED!

FullSizeRender 791

FullSizeRender 801

FullSizeRender 797

FullSizeRender 784

FullSizeRender 800.jpg

  • Taste & adjust seasonings, if necessary (adding additional salt & pepper, if desired!).
  • DEVOUR!!!!
  • Once devoured & IF, I SAID, IF, THERE ARE ANY LEFTOVERS, store them in a mason jar or in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week! MEAL PREPPIN’, FTW!


FullSizeRender 790

FullSizeRender 788


FullSizeRender 792

Enjoy lovies!! <3 xoxo!

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