La Neige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask a.k.a. This-Babe-Will-Legit-Turn-You-Into-The-Avatar-Oh-&-Buh-Bye-Pores!!

La Neige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask a.k.a. This-Babe-Will-Legit-Turn-You-Into-The-Avatar-Oh-&-Buh-Bye-Pores!!

Hi munchkins!


As you all know, I tried out the La Neige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask for the first time last night & it’s safe to say that after my first use, I AM IN LOVE! (OH & I AM ALSO THE AVATAR).

In a nutshell, this baby is made of mineral mud & mint water & aims to absorb & remove excess sebum (a.k.a. OIL & FAT ON THE SKIN), clean, purify & unclog the pores & remove old skin cells!


MINERAL-ENRICHED SHINAN MUD FROM KOREA: Helps remove impurities, dirt, white heads & blackheads!

MINT WATER: The Dual-Action Pore-Minimizing Formula strengthens the skin’s barrier with mint water!

PINE NEEDLE EXTRACT: Helps reduce the look of pores!

Ladies & gents, this is my review of the La Neige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask a.k.a. This-Babe-Will-Legit-Turn-You-Into-The-Avatar-Oh-&-Buh-Bye-Pores!!

Before I continue, I just want to explain what exactly SEBUM is. Sebum is just oil secreted by your skin’s sebaceous glands. It is actually Latin for “fat”! NOW, most of us tend to focus on the negative side of sebum, such as its ability to make our face look shiny & its connection with acne. BUT, SOME sebum is actually good for our skin since it protects the skin from losing moisture. It also contains a lot of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from aging, as well as cancer!

HOWEVER, if you have acne or acne-prone skin, you have to deal with the excessive production of sebum by your body, which contributes to breakouts! In other words, people who are prone to acne produce higher-than-average amounts of sebum, giving them oily skin, a condition called seborrhea. Seborrhea actually has NO DIRECT LINK with what you eat: the fats and oil in your diet are broken down by the digestive system & there is actually no pathway from there to the skin! Nor is sebum production influenced by anything you apply to your skin. Sebum output is STRICTLY under the domination of hormones that are indifferent to cleansers, toners & other topical-oil control treatments.

SO SINCE WE CANNOT CONTROL HOW MUCH SEBUM IS EXCRETED BY OUR SKIN, we have to find ways to moderate & manage it


In a nutshell, this mask features what La Neige refers to as Pore Minisizing technology. It glides SUPER SMOOTHLY ONTO YOUR SKIN & feels great. You’ll feel it begin to harden almost instantly! I’ll be honest; the “hardening” feeling obviously does not feel great & kind of makes you feel like a robot! BUT, in order for this mask to work, it has to go through that hardening stage! SO SUCK IT UP! IT’S WORTH IT!

THE COOLEST THING ABOUT THIS BABE? It actually dries more quickly where there is the most sebum – it’s like MAGIC! Once it dries, you can actually see the darker spots on your most problematic pore areas. (Mine were the area of my cheeks under my eyes & my forehead). In fact, scientifically, the pores are stretched when their barrier is weakened by excessive sebum secretion! THIS IS WHERE THE MUD COMES IN TO REMOVE THAT SEBUM & THE IMPURITIES LODGED IN THE PORES! In fact, the mask is designed to particularly target the pores in what La Neige refers to as ‘the MONSTER ZONE” (forehead, nose & cheeks) & quickly dries to absorb that excess oil!

AND OF COURSE, enlarged pores are an issue for many of us & as long as the heat is EVER-PRESENT, a.k.a., as long as it’s summer, I’m always on the hunt for new products to combat skin issues that come with it (I mean… let’s be honest, NO MATTER WHAT SEASON IT IS, I am always on the freaking lookout for new products, but yeah!).

Aside from the mechanism behind how this babe works, she’s also super easy to use! All you have to do is cleanse & tone your skin, then apply her evenly, avoiding the eye area & lips! You then let her dry completely & rinse her off with lukewarm water. I left mine on for a bit longer than recommended (recommended time is 8 minutes), about 15 minutes!

OH & BTW, IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, YES, AFTER MY FIRST USE, I WOULD TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS BABY! Totally affordable (PRICE TAG? Only $33!!!!!), does EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES & one of those “a little goes a long way” situations!

RIGHT AFTER REMOVING HER, my skin felt instantly smooth, clean, refreshed, calmed, firm & BEAUTIFUL! And my favourite part was HOW CLEAR MY SKIN LOOKED!

You can get her at Sephora & I’ve been told you can even find her on Amazon, but I didn’t check that out yet, so look into it if you guys prefer Amazon (a.k.a. if you have AMAZON PRIME #winning).

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