Everything You Need To Know About Toner From A-to-Z & My Top 3 Faves!

Everything You Need To Know About Toner From A-to-Z & My Top 3 Faves!

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I hope you’re all having an amazing day! Back YET AGAIN with more skincare stuff!

A lot of you have asked me what the PURPOSE of toner is, which ones I RECOMMEND & HOW TO USE IT. I spoke about it this morning on my vlog, BUT, I figured I would get it down on paper (or well, ON SOCIAL MEDIA!) for all of you who won’t get to see it before it expires!

The main purposes of toner are:

  1. Remove excess makeup or oil left on skin post-cleanse, especially if you are using an oil-based cleanser, if you have naturally oily skin or if you wear lots of makeup during the day! Sometimes, after cleansing, you’ll notice that the skin stills feels oily, so toner helps remove that extra oily film & will make your skin feel even MORE refreshed.
  2. Toner is also used to restore the natural acidic pH level of the skin that a cleanser sometimes disturbs due to the alkaline nature of the soap. Without toner, the skin has to work 2x harder to restore that balance, which may actually create MORE OIL.
  3. Toner helps minimize pores & adds an extra layer of protection to our skin, which closes our pores & tightens our cell gaps. In doing so, toner reduces the penetration of impurities, environmental contaminants & toxins! AND, this is even truer if your toner contains antioxidants!
  4. Toner will also soothe, smooth & hydrate your skin! AND, can sometimes even act as a moisturizer if it contains humectants, which help bind moisture to your skin! Although moisturizers will accomplish that, if you have dry skin, it always helps to get that extra moisture in!

NOW, when buying toners, ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO GO ALCOHOL-FREE – These will not strip the skin of its necessary oils! We may not realize it (& we may think the complete opposite) but our skin needs SOME oil. In a nutshell, if we overwash or overtone & remove all the oil, our skin will have to produce MORE OIL to compensate and this is where clogged pores & acne comes from or is worsened! Since the skin lacks those essential fatty acids, it has to over-compensate by producing MORE OIL.

Toner is SUPER easy to use! All you have to do is apply some on a cotton pad & gently rub your face in circular motions, as though you were removing makeup! AND NO, you don’t have to wash it off (& you shouldn’t)! You just let it sit ON YOUR GORGEOUS FACE & continue with Your skincare, i.e. apply your serums, essential oils & moisturizers!



As you munchkins already know, I’m currently using Thayer’s Witch Hazel LAVENDER Toner. AND I FREAKING LOVE IT. Simply amazing & ALCOHOL-FREE (DUH!). The ingredients are super natural & great for your skin & it goes on super smoothly! LEGIT, SUCH A GENTLE TONER, perfect for sensitive skin & the LAVENDER WATER makes this baby delicate, soothing & calming!

YOU CAN GET THIS BABE AT TAU OR HEALTH TREE! I am sure you can also find it at other organic stores in & around Montreal or your area!

But, there are also two others that I alternate between!

The Martian by Sunday Riley! This babe is actually designed for oily & acne-prone skin & is loaded with antioxidants & I’m basically OBSESSED. As soon as you finish applying it, your skin will feel smoother, fresh & a lot clearer! It has loads of antibacterial properties & its ingredients are just to die for: I’m talking marshmallow, green tea, manuka & black cumin!

AND last but not least, the Kate Sommerville Clarifying Toner. Made for oily & acne-prone skin, this babe will not strip the skin of its essential oils or over-dry the skin! She is alcohol free, fragrance free & contains Phytic acid, which brightens the skin & removes any signs of acne scarring. I often use this toner when I feel like my skin needs something a little gentler, feels overworked or if it needs something refreshing & renewing!


So BASICALLY, TONER IS THE SH*T & IS ESSENTIAL TO ANY SKINCARE ROUTINE, even more so if you have oily or acne-prone skin!

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