Kelly’s Clean-AF Morroccan-Inspired Quinoa & Chickpea Protein-Packed Power Salad a.k.a. The-Next-Best-Thing-To-A-Free-Trip-To-Morroco-Oh-Colour-Texture-&-Crunch!

Kelly’s Clean-AF Morroccan-Inspired Quinoa & Chickpea Protein-Packed Power Salad a.k.a. The-Next-Best-Thing-To-A-Free-Trip-To-Morroco-Oh-Colour-Texture-&-Crunch!

Hi babies! 




Wednesdays are fun. Wednesdays are awesome. As you babes already know, I love Wednesdays because they are a sign that we are HALFWAY THROUGH THE WEEK & ergo, that the weekend is getting closer. BUT WE AREN’T QUITE THERE YET. And so, in the spirit of you not despairing, I’m here (as always) to brighten the eff out of your Wednesday.

HOW SO? Well, yesterday afternoon, I whipped up something cray. THINK COLOR, TEXTURE & CRUNCH! What am I talking about?! Let me explain…

I’m talkin’ a Morrocan inspired chickpea & quinoa salad… and well, babes, IT’S SAFE TO SAY SHE HAS IT ALL!

As you munchkins probably know (Especially if you follow me on Insta), I AM ON A SALAD BINGE! LIKE, salads here, salads there, and salads EVERYWHERE. AND FOR THIS BABY, it’s all about the rainbow of veggies & dried fruit in this POWER SALAD, which, need I mention will be DRIZZLED & SMOTHERED IN THE MOST DELISH HONEY-LEMON DRESSING.

I think we can all agree that I take my salads VERY FREAKING SERIOUSLY. I mean… there is so much goodness loaded into this ONE SALAD, guys! I’m actually kinda still in awe over a bowl of good-for-you-PROTEIN-PACKED salad that has the ability to keep you going all day long BUT ONLY CALLS FOR SIMPLE INGREDIENTS with just a lil’ bit of chopping. OK FINE, I KID, it’s MORE than a lil’ bit of chopping but I PROMISE, IT’S SO WORTH IT.

ALSO, this baby goes out to all my vegan friends out there! You munchkins can eat, oops, I MEAN DEVOUR, this one too!

So what exactly is the quinoa power salad sitch here? We’ve got cooked whole grain quinoa, shredded carrots, a whole can of organic chickpeas, TONS OF CHOPPED CILANTRO, organic unsweetened dates, green onions & we’ll top ‘er later with some nuts!!! (I mean nobody likes soggy nuts, right? EW. That sounds bad, but you know what I mean!).

And well, if these beautiful colourful-AF ingredients are not enough to convince you, GOODBYE! No, I’m totally kidding, but what if I told you that all this wonderfulness would then be drizzled in a beautifully delish honey-lemon dressing. THEN YOU’D WANT HER EVEN MORE, RIGHT? All you gotta do is toss some cumin (DUH), organic EVOO, lemon juice, honey, salt & a dash of chilli powder, ET VOILÀ! BAM!!!!

Ladies & gents, this is Kelly’s Clean-AF Morroccan-Inspired Quinoa & Chickpea Protein-Packed Power Salad a.k.a. The-Next-Best-Thing-To-A-Free-Trip-To-Morroco-Oh-Colour-Texture-&-Crunch!

Honestly, this babe is everything.

AND… wanna know some other good, oops, I mean F-AMAZING things about this babe?

The substitutions/additions for this salad are LIMITLESS. You can totally make it your own!

Don’t like dates? Sub ‘em for dried apricots!

Or, try roasting your chickpeas!

Sub the cilantro for parsley!

Or totally sub the quinoa for some wild or brown rice!

OHHHH & also, she’ll last. What’s better than a salad that you can keep in the fridge & eat leftovers of like, all week long? NOTHING. I KNOW. NOTHING. The babe will STILL BE DELICIOUS after a few days. In fact, the “fridge time” actually gives the quinoa a chance to soak up that honey-lemon deliciousness & the carrots & dates have a chance to mesh flavours… and boy, oh boy, this babe will make for the perfect meal for a make-your-colleagues-jealous-at-your-desk-lunch or a busy day in the KITCH!


Anywho, this babe is totally going to become your go-to. You will be binging all kinds on her & YOU CAN DO SO WITHOUT FEELING GUILTY, all while feeling super-duper happy.

Satisfaction guaranteed!!!!!

SO, this babe is ALL THAT & A BAG OF CHIPS and no, SADLY, although she does not contain actual chips, she has so much crunch from the carrots & nuts that she’ll have you like WOAH anyway! What are you waiting for?

OH RIGHT, it might be useful for me to tell you munchkins how to whip her up!

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:


  • 1 cup of quinoa, UNCOOKED;
  • 1 tsp. of organic extra-virgin olive oil;
  • 1 cup of matchstick carrots;
  • 4 green onions, THINLY SLICED;
  • 1 19-oz. can of organic chickpeas, RINSED & DRAINED;
  • 1/3 cup of organic unsweetened dates, CHOPPED;
  • OPTIONAL (If you want to throw in some ‘mo dried fruit for that chewiness): 1/3 cup of organic unsweetened golden raisins;
  • LOADS OF CILANTRO, CHOPPED (I mean, I freaking ADORE cilantro, but feel free to sub her for some mint, or parsley or combine ‘em all!);
  • 1/3 cup of organic pistachios, CHOPPED (for garnish, a.k.a. ONLY ADD THESE BABIES WHEN YOU’RE JUST ABOUT TO DEVOUR HER!).

FullSizeRender 521


  • 1/3 cup of organic extra-virgin olive oil;
  • 2 tbsp. of freshly squeezed lemon juice;
  • 1 tbsp. of raw organic honey (sub for pure organic maple syrup or brown sugar for my vegan munchkins!!!!!);
  • ½ of sea salt;
  • ½ of ground cumin;
  • ¼ of chilli powder;
  • ½ of garlic powder!

OKAY, at this point, you’re like DYING to go to Morocco. I know. Fine. Fine.

LET ME TAKE YOU THERE. And by take you there, no, I do not mean I am paying for a round trip ticket for you to physically go to Morocco, but I’m doing the NEXT BEST THING. Ergo, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this baby. ERGO, I AM REVEALING HOW TO MAKE THE BEST SALAD EVER, THAT WILL TAKE YOU TO ALL KINDS OF MOROCCO HEAVEN (We can totz discuss a real trip to Morocco at a later date. BUT, FOR NOW, QUINOA POWER SALAD, KAY?). HERE WE GO!

  • Cook your quinoa according to package directions! When prepping this beauty, add a tsp. of organic extra-virgin olive oil & sauté it for about a minute or so before adding the water & cooking it! MY LOVES, TOTALLY CRUCIAL. Trust me. This is what will give your quinoa a really freaking awesome NUTTTTY/TOASTY FLAVAH, which if I do say so myself, goes GREAT with the flavours of this salad. Basically, DO IT. Okay? Even if the package doesn’t tell you to. I AM TELLING YOU TO.
  • Once cooked, allow the quinoa to cool COMPLETELY before tossing it with the rest of your gorg salad ingredients! Nobody likes wilted carrots. Nobody likes soggy dates. Bye! No, but seriously, let the quinoa cool, my loves & if you’re in a hurry, put her in the fridge as soon as she’s ready for about 15-20 minutes & you’re good to go!


  • While the quinoa is cooooolin’, prepare your dressing! Combine the ingredients in a small mason jar & shake, shake, shake, shake your booty! No, but seriously, give that jar a few good shakes until the dressing mixes through & all the ingredients are combined!
  • Once the quinoa is cooled, toss all your ingredients together & stir to combine!

FullSizeRender 522

FullSizeRender 525

FullSizeRender 524

FullSizeRender 519

  • NOW… IT’S THAT TIME. DRIZZLE, SMOTHER, LATHER, whatever word floats your boat, the dressing into the salad & TOSS THE EFF OUT OF IT TO COMBINE ERRRRTHANG! Top ‘er with some chopped pistachios (OR, IF YOU PREFER, go the walnut, pecan or sliced almond route!). BASICALLY, TOP HER WITH SOME NUTS!
  • IF YOU’VE GOT LEFTOVERS, store ‘em in the refrigerator in an airtight container FOR YOUR LUNCH TOMORROW (because let’s be honest, you’re OBVSSS taking her for lunch). BTW, I did say “IF”… and let me tell you, IT’S A HUGE, BIG, MASSIVE “IF”. Odds are, you will NOT, I repeat, will NOT, have leftovers. BUT YA KNOW, JUST IN CASE!
  • NOW, DEVOUR!!!!!


FullSizeRender 526

FullSizeRender 516

FullSizeRender 518

FullSizeRender 523

FullSizeRender 517

FullSizeRender 523

Enjoy babes!!!



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