Peter Thomas Roth Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask a.k.a. That-Beautz-“Bouquet”-Of-Roses-That-Won’t-Die-On-You-2-Days-Later-&-That-Will-Leave-A-Beautiful-Radiant-Mark-All-Over-Your-Face!

Peter Thomas Roth Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask a.k.a. That-Beautz-“Bouquet”-Of-Roses-That-Won’t-Die-On-You-2-Days-Later-&-That-Will-Leave-A-Beautiful-Radiant-Mark-All-Over-Your-Face!

Hi babies!


So, as you all know, yesterday I tried the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask! I wanted to wait until this morning to tell you guys about it because I wanted to sleep on it & see what my skin looked like in the morning to really see its full effect! And so here I am, READY TO RANT ABOUT THIS MASKI mean, let’s be honest, when am I not ready to rant about like, ANYTHING?

In a nutshell, five rose stem cells are blended with rose extracts in this cutting-edge plant biotechnology mask, designed to isolate & replicate the PERFECT ROSE STEM CELLS FOR MAXIMUM ANTI-AGE REPAIR (a.k.a. buh-bye fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, dehydration & sagging!) & TO STIMULATE CELL TURNOVER FOR OVERALL YOUNGER LOOKING, RADIANT, SILKY & SOFT SKIN. Woah! Sounds like a dream come true, right? (P.S. Yes, I acknowledge I am only 26, but skincare is ALL ABOUT PREVENTION, my loves!).

OKAY, so yes, she claims to do ALL THAT, but what is she made with, right?

The main ingredients events in this baby are:

Desert rose: Helps support natural surface cell regeneration, supports skin barrier & helps restore skin suppleness. Basically, desert rose will make your face as soft as a baby’s butt. Killing it, you?

Damask rose: Helps to tighten the pores, PURIFY, SMOOTH & FIGHT THE SIGNS OF AGING. So uh, damask rose is your ticket to YOUNGER-LOOKING-BEAUTIFUL-HOLLYWOOD-CELEB-FLAWLESS-GLOWING-AF SKIN! I’ll take it! Yes please!

Rose Commiphora: Kay, so I’m totally not sure how to pronounce that, but whatevz. This type of rose possesses anti-redness properties, so uh… that uneven skin tone, yeah, YOU CAN TELL IT TO PEACE OUT!

Pale rose: Helps to rebuild the moisture barrier, provides skin suppleness & softness for the appearance of NEWER & SOFTER SKIN. Winning!!!!! Pale rose is rather similar to desert rose & is the component in this mask that will KEEP YOUR SKIN FEELING MOISTURIZED & REFRESHED POST-MASK (Unlike some other masks, which, when taken off, leave your skin feeling hard & dry).

If all this wasn’t enough to convince you, like MOST (if not, all) of the products I use, this mask is FREE of sulfates, phthalates & parabens!

So, for the most important part

What did I think about it?

Let me explain!!!

  • Kay, first of all, can we discuss the BEAUTIFUL SMELL OF THIS BABY? Literally, a beautiful heavenly rose scent. LIKE, legit as though you are holding a beautiful bouquet of 12 (or 24, YA, I’LL TAKE 24) roses in your hands! Okay, I know, you munchkins are probably thinking that if this babe smells like roses, she smells like old-lady-ish perfume. WELLLL, YOU ARE WRONG. She actually smells more like a bouquet of fresh-cut roses you might find on a FANCY-AF WOMAN’S vanity… (Not to mention, this “bouquet” will give you better skin after JUST ONE USE, BUT, WE SHALL GET TO THAT SHORTLY!).
  • The second you put this baby on, you feel a cooling sensation on your face, which, IMO, is super awesome!!! Basically, it sets the stage for that clean & refreshing feeling! It really feels great from the minute your face is smothered in it!
  • She’s SUPER-DUPER EASY TO USE! Seriously, all you have to do is apply a generous coat onto your CLEANSED SKIN & leave it on for 10 minutes, at which point you simply rinse her with cool water!
    • P.S. For a more INTENSE TREATMENT, PTR suggests REFRIGERATING (Yes, you read right. PUT YOUR MASK IN THE FRIDGE) your mask & applying a thin later as the last layer of your night-time skincare routine! I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m planning on trying this tonight, so I will definitely update you guys on what I thought about this as part of my skincare routine vs. as a mask!
  • Now, for the second I washed her off! I am not even joking, my skin felt firmer & more toned. It literally looked as though I had a new layer of SMOOTH-AF, PLUMP, GLOWING, de-stressed, up-lifted, rejuvenated & hydrated skin!!! Basically, if I had to summarize the way my skin felt in like just a few words… AS SMOOTH AS A BABY’S BUTT!
  • This morning, I woke up & my skin felt & most importantly, looked so clear & amazing! I literally waited a bit longer than usual to do my morning skin care routine because I just could not get enough of running my fingers over my face to feel the smoothness (BAHAH, I sound cray-cray, but I am not even joking!). OHHH & so far, no breakouts, no irritations & no redness, SO I’M DOWN WITH THIS BABE!

TO CONCLUDE, if you have an extra ten minutes to spend on your skincare routine, THIS STUFF WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. Not only is it a supremely pleasant sensory experience, but she’ll make you feel like you just had the most relaxing AND GENTLE facial in the world & will legit improve your skin after ONE USE. Yes, sometimes I exaggerate, but this is not one of those times. I swear!

OHHH, & LAST THING: What’s awesome about this mask is that you can use it 2-3 times a week, OR EVEN DAILY FOR INTENSIVE REPAIR, so it’s totally worth the price (which, we will discuss in a sec!) because it can become a staple part of your skincare routine & not something you bury at the back of your bathroom cabinet & forget about for like… six months! Ya feel me? Basically, MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

And what exactly is the “buck” on this babe? BUCK, MEANING PRICE TAG! You can pick her up at Sephora (or online) for $64. If, like me, you munchkins are totally into skincare & masking, you know that most GOOD, WORTH-IT PRODUCTS will not go for less than $80-$100, IF NOT MORE.

And so, when I find a product that does exactly what it says it does & has an affordable price tag to go along with it, I’M BUYING IT. AND NOT ONLY AM I BUYING IT, I’M USING & ABUSING THE EFF OUT OF IT & SHARING IT WITH ALL OF YOU SO YOU CAN DO THE SAME.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is… WHY AREN’T YOU AT SEPHORA YET? (OR WELL, why don’t I see an item in your Sephora cart yet…? Million dollar question. STILL WAITING. Oh wait, there it is!). ENJOY LOVIES! & please feel free to message me before buying this baby if you have any questions or AFTER you’ve bought her, used her & abused her so we can discuss our experience together!

Love y’all & enjoy ‘dem roses!!!!! These ones won’t die on you like two days later. THEIR BENEFITS WILL LEAVE A MARK ALL OVER YOUR FACE (If you catch my drift! & no, I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT A BREAKOUT. I’M TALKING ABOUT BEAUTIFUL RADIANT SKIN! BYE!).

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