Healthy-AF Smooth & Creamy Tahini Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing a.k.a. This-Babe-Will-Brighten-Glow-Amp-Up-&-Make-Your-Salad-Oops-I-Mean-Your-Day!

Healthy-AF Smooth & Creamy Tahini Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing a.k.a. This-Babe-Will-Brighten-Glow-Amp-Up-&-Make-Your-Salad-Oops-I-Mean-Your-Day!

Hi my loves! <3

Rise & shine!!!! Totally feeling this sunny-isa day in MTL right now!!!

CURRENT SITCH IN MY KITCH? (Well, rather, the sitch at 6:40AM): Tahini Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing in the works!!! Yes, from scratch. Yes, apple cider vinegar. Yes, TAHINI!!! Get ready for this one babes, she will BRIGHTEN, GLOW, AMP UP & BASICALLY, MAKE YOUR SALAD.

OH, & DON’T get me started about all the AMAZING benefits of apple cider vinegar… Well, yes, DO PLEASE GET ME STARTED, but I’m saving all that nutrition stuff for in like 5 MINUTES. I still have some ranting to do. HOLD ON, PLEASE!!!

ANYWHO LOVIES, in a nutshell, this dressing is beautifully rich & creamy, packed with nutrients & LOADS AND I MEAN, LOADS of health benefits & has just the right amount of sweet to balance the tanginess of the apple cider vinegar… She is one YOU. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. MISS. I’m telling you!!!

Ladies & gents, I present you with my Healthy-AF Smooth & Creamy Tahini Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing a.k.a. This-Babe-Will-Brighten-Glow-Amp-Up-&-Make-Your-Salad-Oops-I-Mean-Your-Day!

The best part? She can double, triple, quadruple as a marinade, a dip for chicken/meat, a sandwich/cracker spread or a veggie dip… BUT, DON’T FORGET TO SMOTHER YOUR SALAD IN HER TOO. She is a dressing after all…

ONE MORE THING! TAHINI. TAHINI. TAHINI. OH BABY! The creaminess. The smoothness. The velvetiness. The richness. The indulgent-ness!! AHHHHHH. Not only is she deliciously-textured & DELICIOUSLY-TASTING, but, but, but, she is also a source of healthy fatty-acids (omega-3’s & omega 6’s FTW!). She also contains thiamine, which has positive effects on the nervous system, muscles & digestion. OHHHH & PHOSPHORUS, a.k.a. tahini is also beneficial to the strength of our bones & teeth (BASICALLY, TAHINI CAN HELP MAKE US STRONGER, A.K.A. TAHINI WILL TRANSFORM YOU INTO SUPERMAN!).

OHHHH, I know I said one more thing, BUT I ALMOST FORGOT; this babe (OOPS, I mean dressing) is ALSO vegan & gluten-free.

OKAY, enough ranting. Just kidding. What I really mean is ENOUGH RANTING about how yummy this dressing is, BUT, BUT, BUT, it doesn’t mean I ain’t about to go on a NUTRITIONAL PUNCH RANT. Y’all ready for this?

OKAY, munchkins, as promised, IT’S TIME FOR SOME NUTRITION-101 WITH KELLY IN THE KITCH & I’m about to tell you all about the health benefits & nutritional punch of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! HERE WE GO!!!

Apple cider can help KILL MANY TYPES OF BACTERIA. The main substance in vinegar, acetic acid, has the ability to kill pathogens &/or prevent them from multiplying & reaching harmful levels! In fact, vinegar has a longstanding history of use as a disinfectant & natural preservative.

The acetic acid in this babe ALSO helps improve & increase the body’s absorption of important minerals from the food we DEVOUR.

THIS BABE can also help lower blood sugar levels & fight diabetes. In fact, vinegar has been shown to have numerous benefits for insulin function, sensitivity & helping to lower blood sugar levels & responses after meals!

Apple cider ALSO lowers cholesterol & reduces risk of heart disease. It ALSO contains the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to protect LDL cholesterol particles from becoming oxidized, a crucial step in the heart disease process. AND, IF ALL THAT WAS NOT ENOUGH, STUDIES HAVE SHOWN THAT SHE CAN ALSO REDUCE BLOOD PRESSURE!

Not only does the babe contain the antioxidant chlorogenic acid, BUT SHE ALSO CONTAINS CATECHIN, GALLIC ACID & CAFFEIC, all of which are antioxidants that help keep the bod healthy & running smoothly!

OKAY, SO NOT ONLY IS ACV (my abbreviation for apple cider, DUH!) GOOD FOR YOUR INSIDES, but it is ALSO GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN! In fact, it can help to balance the pH of your skin, reduce inflammation & generally minimize overall skin problems!

ALSO, if you suffer from acid reflux, studies have shown that ACV can act as an at-home remedy. Simply take 1-2 tsp. of the babe daily et voilà! AND, if like many people, you cannot STAND THE TASTE, try mixing it in water, honey or tea! AND, even if you do not suffer from acid reflux, studies have shown that ACV is helpful in preventing indigestion! SO, BASICALLY, JUST LOAD UP, ALL THE TIME, especially if you are planning on indulging in a meal that you expect may NOT get along very well with your tummies!

OKAY, so I don’t know about you babies but APPLE CIDER VINEGAR SEEMS PRETTY FREAKIN’ LEGIT TO ME, what do you say?


How much do you love me? SAY IT. NOW. STILL WAITING… Okay, love you too!!!! And since I love you munchkins so much, I WILL SPARE YOU ANOTHER RANT & reveal ‘dem ingredients! HERE WE GO!!

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • ¼ cup of organic fair-trade tahini (add 1-2 tbsp. if you want a REALLY, REALLY CREAMY DRESSING or if you prefer to use this baby as a MARINADE, SPREAD OR DIP!);
  • 1 tbsp. of raw organic apple cider vinegar;
  • 1 tbsp. of organic extra-virgin olive oil;
  • 1 tbsp. of raw agave, pure organic maple syrup or raw honey;
  • 3 tbsp. of WARM almond/coconut/regular milk (You don’t need to warm it in a skillet, just warm it in the microwave – EASY, PEASY, RIGHT?);
  • ¼ tsp. of organic Himalayan pink sea salt;
  • ¼ tsp. of ground cumin;
  • A dash of black pepper!


  • Blend all ‘dem ingredients together in food processor or blender. Adjust sweetness or creaminess to your liking.
    • You can thin it out with some ‘mo vinegar or oil OR:
    • Make for a creamier or thicker texture by adding more tahini!!!


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THAT’S IT BABIES, SHE’S READY!!! Now, get choppin’ on those veggies for your lunch! & THEN, DEVOUR!!!! NOMZ!

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