Nope, Anorexia, You Cannot Take My Life Away. Not Today. Not Tomorrow. Not Ever. Never.

Nope, Anorexia, You Cannot Take My Life Away. Not Today. Not Tomorrow. Not Ever. Never.

Hi munchkins!!!

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This week is full of accomplishments, but there’s one I particularly want to rant about!

This week, I have FINALLY started to get the “You look so good!” comments (& I’ve been waiting to hear this for quite some time!!). We all know what that comment ACTUALLY means, but in case you don’t, let me explain! Basically, it means that all those around me are acknowledging THEM GAINS. Had you told me this a few short months ago, I probably would’ve punched you in the face. Ok, maybe not. I’m not an abuser & I have a law profession to maintain. BUT, YOU CATCH MY DRIFT.

Would you believe me if I told you that those comments make me ECSTATIC? Well, you better believe it babes. How come, you ask? WELL, now not only do I acknowledge & see the gains, but everyone around me does too & you have no idea how rewarding this is.

Although the physical gains look & feel wonderful & not to mention, are super-duper necessary, it’s more about the EMOTIONAL GAINS, ergo, my ability to hear that “I look good“, acknowledge that it means that I GAINED WEIGHT, embrace it & MOST OF ALL, be freaking happy about it!!!

I literally never thought I’d see the day but now, I can say with complete confidence that you should seriously NEVER SAY NEVER. There really is a first time for everything & the best part about these firsts is when they are also HUGE accomplishments, ones that seemed so far gone. So difficult. So challenging. Albeit, SO IMPOSSIBLE.

AND SO MY LOVES, on this beautiful Friday night, I want you to retain that the word NEVER should NEVER be part of your vocabulary & that you can do & feel ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, so long as you muster up the courage & the strength to look everything & anything that is stopping you right in the eye & say:


P.S. Since keeping track of my progress is ONE OF the MANY things that keeps me motivated, here are this week’s PROGRESS PICS!!!


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