Boscia Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks a.k.a. I-Usually-Associate-Sake-With-Sushi-But-I’m-All-For-Rubbing-Sake-Under-My-Eyes-If-It-Gets-Rid-Of-These-Everlasting-Dark-Circles

Boscia Sake Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks a.k.a. I-Usually-Associate-Sake-With-Sushi-But-I’m-All-For-Rubbing-Sake-Under-My-Eyes-If-It-Gets-Rid-Of-These-Everlasting-Dark-Circles

Hi (YET AGAIN) lovies!!! <3 <3

Rise & shine! 🙂 This beautiful Thursday (ALMOST-THE-WEEKEND), I wake you BRIGHT & EARLY with yet another review! (Sowwy, this isn’t a food post, but there’s more yumminess coming your way, as always!).

Last night, I spent the night with Boscia. OKAY, well, not the ENTIRE night, but a full 20 minutes! Ladies & gents, these are the BOSCIA SAKE BRIGHTENING HYDROGEL EYE MASKS a.k.a. I-Usually-Associate-Sake-With-Sushi-But-I’m-All-For-Rubbing-Sake-Under-My-Eyes-If-It-Gets-Rid-Of-These-Everlasting-Dark-Circles & boy, AM I EVER IMPRESSED!!!!

Now, if you munchkins know me, you know I have like THE. WORST. DARK. CIRCLES. ON. THE. PLANET. These babies are MY SOLUTION. NO JOKE. Basically, they are infused with sake (Who would’ve thought, right? I mean… I usually just have sake with my sushi, you?), antioxidants & plant extracts and are formulated to revive the skin around the eye area – BASICALLY, THESE BABES are designed to BRIGHTEN, FIRM, HYDRATE & BEST OF ALL, reduce the look of fine lines while restoring skin tone & texture!

AND, let me tell you, THEY WORK!!!! ESSENTIALLY, they were like MADE WITH ME IN MIND?!?! I LOVE YOU BOSCIA!

Oh & in case you were wondering which antioxidants & plant extracts I was referring to… WAIT FOR THIS. I’m talking:

SAKE: Highly-rich in vitamins, amino acids, organic acids & minerals to provide powerful hydration, brightening & smoothing benefits! All the nutrients in sake work together to improve the skin’s surface rejuvenation to process & to make skin look BABY-SOFT! (BASICALLY, sake will take you through a time machine! Ya dig?).

MARINE COLLAGEN: Helps your skin reduce moisture loss & supports anti-aging A.K.A. BUH-BYE WRINKLES! Say hello to improved smoothness, increased suppleness & prevention of deep wrinkle formation. Not even kidding! OH, & if that was not enough, collagen also has antioxidant properties, which can help prevent or repair damage caused by environmental factors (i.e. FREE RADICALS) & damage associated with the aging process!

WILLOWHERB: Due to its anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties, this baby helps calm skin inflammation, reduces visible redness & irritation.

& LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, JOJOBA LEAF: Protects against free radicals & nourishes skin.Basically, this baby has antibacterial properties & also acts as an anti-inflammatory. NOT TO MENTION, the vitamins A & E contained in jojoba oil can actually HELP CONTROL ACNE. What?!


And if all their benefits weren’t enough to convince you, maybe you would care to know that these babes are formulated without ANY PARABENS, SULFATES OR PHTALATES, are FREE of PRESERVATIVES, ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE, GLUTEN (WOAH!), COLOR & ETHANOL ALCOHOL.

Oh & they’re dermatologist tested (So for all you munchkins with sensitive skin who are apprehensive about trying new products in fear that they will make you break out, YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THESE BABIES!).


  • They are PRETTY EASY to apply (& to take off!) – I gotta admit, I tried to put the whole piece under my eyes before realizing I had to peel the strip off, LAWLZ. BUT, once applied, the strips stayed on perfectly & they actually felt kind of cool!
  • There’s actually kind of a cooling & soothing effect when you put the babes on! Basically, they make your under-eyes feel kind of cold, BUT IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!
  • After my FIRST USE, I saw an INSTANT DIFFERENCE! My under-eyes looked super-duper bright, young, refreshed, and awake & felt firmer! AND BEST OF ALL, my dark circles were definitely less “out there, if you know what I mean!
  • P.S. I HAVE UBER SENSITIVE EYES & I wear contact lenses & my eyes were not irritated one bit by the product, so that’s definitely a PLUS!
  • OH, & you only need to keep the babes on for 15-20 minutes, not to mention, they feel super comfy on the face so you can totz. MULTITASK when you have them on & you will hardly even notice you are wearing them!

Honestly, I’m not sure how I EVER LIVED WITHOUT THESE!!!! It looks like they are going to work wonders for me! From now on, they will definitely become part of my skincare routine, along with my other eye creams & serums! BASICALLY, IF YOU COULDN’T ALREADY TELL, I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND THESE MUNCHKINS!

NOW. FOR THAT MILLION-DOLLAR-QUESTION, how do these babes weigh in PRICE-WISE? Let me explain!

THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY & are actually PRETTY INEXPENSIVE, if you ask me!!! For $20, YOU GET THREE PAIRS of eye masks, which is definitely affordable & über reasonable to add to your skincare routine, WITHOUT MAKING A HOLE IN YOUR POCKET, A.K.A. WITHOUT GOING BROKE-AF, if you know what I mean!

OH, & if you trust me & you agree that these babies are PERFECTLY PRICED, you can pick ‘em up at Sephora (OBVS!!!) OR don’t move from your chair RN & order them off their website, STAT.

Lastly, in case you’re wondering what these babies look like on your face, HERE’S A LIL’ SOMETHING, SOMETHING!






BYE! LOVE YOU ALL! <3 <3 <3 <3

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