Gluten-Free Greek Yogurt Brownie Cups a.k.a. Guilt-Free-Ooey-Gooey-Chewy-AF-Chocolatey-Delicious-Munchkins-Oh-&-I’m-High-On-Chocolate-You?

Gluten-Free Greek Yogurt Brownie Cups a.k.a. Guilt-Free-Ooey-Gooey-Chewy-AF-Chocolatey-Delicious-Munchkins-Oh-&-I’m-High-On-Chocolate-You?

Hi lovies! Rise & shine. <3 <3 <3

OH & Happy-ish Monday! (EW. I hate Mondays!! YOU?)

CURRENT SITCH IN MY KITCH (WELL, RATHER, the sitch at around 6:00AM): Baked up an ooey-gooey delish AF Gluten-Free Greek Yogurt BROWNIE CUP STORM. I’M DYINGGGGG.

AHHHH. Kay so, I’ve heard tons of stuff about people baking with Greek yogurt but never really gave it THAT much thought… UNTIL THIS MORNING. I was craving chocolate (Yes, again) & decided I would whip up some brownies! & so… A BRIGHT (A VERY BRIGHT) idea popped into my cray-cray head & these babes were born, my kitch smells like cocoa heaven & I JUST HAD ONE… AND WELL… I cannot speak. Ergo, I am SPEECHLESS.

LADIES & GENTS, I present you with my Gluten-Free Greek Yogurt Brownie Cups a.k.a. Guilt-Free-Ooey-Gooey-Chewy-AF-Chocolatey-Delicious-Munchkins-Oh-&-I’m-High-On-Chocolate-You?

THINK: Greek yogurt. Skim milk. Cocoa powder. Rolled oats. Organic cane sugar (DO NOT PANIC. REGULAR SUGAR will work too!). & Eggs (Well, the recipe contains baking powder & salt too, but those things taste like nada, so whatevz. Just add ‘em in cause you gotta!).


As if the ingredients were NOT ENOUGH to make you CRAZY, I think it’s VERY-ÜBER NECESSARY & ESSENTIAL for me to tell you munchkins that each one of these babies rings in at 4 WHOLE GRAMS OF PROTEIN & 3 GRAMS OF FIBRE. And, well, let’s be honest, given that you most probably won’t only be eating ONE PER SITTING, this means you could actually get in like 8 GRAMS OF PROTEIN & 6 GRAMS OF FIBRE… (This is totz. me presuming that you will eat two at a time… now, if you eat three or four, I’M TOTZ NOT JUDGING YOU, plus they are so guilt-free… YOU AIN’T GOT A THING TO WORRY ABOUT! EXCEPT MAYBE getting high off chocolate, but is that really a bad thing?).

ANYWHO lovies, in a nutshell, these babes are perfection. WHY? They are:



Refined sugar-free

Gluten-free (Admit I’m on such a roll with all this FREE stuff, eh?)


Cutest little munchkins that you ever did see.

Full of protein & fibre!


Quick, simple & easy to whip up (HEY, YOU DON’T EVEN NEED A MIXING BOWL!!!!)

OH & did I mention, THEY ARE BROWNIES. That ALONE should be enough.

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • ¾ cup of Greek yogurt (I used 2% – CREAMY AF, you?);
  • ¼ cup of skim milk;
  • ½ cup of organic unsweetened fair-trade cocoa powder (I use Cuisine Camino);
  • ½ cup old-fashioned gluten-free rolled oats (I use Only Oats!);
  • ½ cup of organic cane sugar (OR regular white sugar!);
  • 1 egg;
  • 1 tsp. of organic non-GMO baking powder;
  • 1 pinch of sea salt!
  • OPTIONAL: ¼ – ½ cup of chocolate chips!

Yes, babies, I know… IT’S LIKE NOTHING. But that’s it, that’s all. You can IN FACT achieve perfect brownies, even with this short (& super-duper CLEAN & HEALTHY) ingredients list. Please, take my word for it, kay? I wouldn’t lie to you, now, would I? (DO I EVER?).

Now, I’m sure your mind is running wild. Basically, you legit have ZERO CLUE IN THE WORLD how these ingredients can possibly turn into the beautifulness pictured above, right? My loves, that’s what Kelly in the Kitch is here for. LET ME EXPLAIN.

  • Preheat your oven to 400F & line a muffin pan with 9 parchment liners! You can totally use a square baking dish if you prefer cutting your brownies up into little squares once baked! If you do, use an 8”x8” pan.
  • OKAY, I HOPE YOU MUNCHKINS HAVE A FOOD PROCESSOR. You need one. (Well, I’ll let you settle for a blender, but I mean… FOOD PROCESSORS FTW. Basically, my food processor = my excuse to be LAZY AF. That’s why I love him so much. OH & not to mention, he’s the reason I can whip up half the beautifulness I’ve been baking up in my kitch!). OKAY, basically, COMBINE all the beautiful ingredients into a food processor (FINE, or a blender) & pulse until CHOCOLATEY, SMOOTH & CREAMY AF. This should take about 1-2 minutes!




  • IF YOU ARE ADDING CHOCOLATE CHIPS, fold them in STAT & combine with the rest of the gorg AF batter.
  • NOW that your beautiful batter is ready, DEVOUR IT. Lawlz, kidding. (I give you permission to lick the bowl once the babes are in ‘da oven, a.k.a. before you rinse off ‘dat chocolate residue. I mean, WHY WASTE IT, right?). BUT FOR NOW, using a rubber spatula OR AN ICE CREAM SCOOP (so much easier), scoop your batter into your prepared muffin cups (or pour it into your baking dish).




  • ONCE BAKED, allow them to cool completely before removing them from the muffin tin (you can also remove them about 10-15 minutes later if you prefer cooling them on a cooling rack!) & before cutting them into squares!



  • DEVOUR!!!!

Honestly babes, I totally skipped the whole “how-to-store” the babes step because I genuinely don’t think you will make it there, BUT I should’ve given you munchkins the benefit of the doubt. There must be some of you out there who have better self-control than MOI. So, just in case, once cooled, FOR OPTIMAL CONSERVATION OF THESE BABIES, store them in an airtight container in your refrigerator!

If you ask me, take ‘em out 5-10 minutes before you plan on eating them (OOPS, I MEAN GOBBLING THEM UP LIKE THE COOKIE MONSTER) & warm them in the microwave for 25-30 seconds. YOU WILL MELT. No pun intended.

OKAY, NOW… *DRUMROLL PLEASE*. YOU READY FOR THAT FOOD PORN? Well, even if you aren’t, too bad. HERE WE GO!


Enjoy mes amours! <3 <3 <3 xx!

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