Kelly’s Clean-AF Strawberry Maple & Rosemary Vinaigrette a.k.a. Make-Your-Greens-Sing-Do-a-Happy-Dance-&-Fall-in-Love-at-First-Pour-Oh-&-Pink-is-the-New-Black

Kelly’s Clean-AF Strawberry Maple & Rosemary Vinaigrette a.k.a. Make-Your-Greens-Sing-Do-a-Happy-Dance-&-Fall-in-Love-at-First-Pour-Oh-&-Pink-is-the-New-Black

Rise & shine my loves!!! <3 <3 <3

Checking in at 6:28AM, waddup?

GUESS WHAT? IT’S SUNDAY, FUNDAY! You munchkins all know what that means, right? What better way to have fun on a Sunday than to spend it in the kitch with like 94038593053 tabs open, all from Kelly in the Kitch? Ya dig? Anywho, PERSONALLY, I think that’s a GREAT WAY TO SPEND YOUR SUNDAY (I might just be SLIGHTLY BIASED though!) & this weekend’s recipes have been super on point (Right?). So, I’m not really sure what you babies are waiting for… & in case you needed YET ANOTHER ONE to add to your “To-Make” list, here’s one you will FALL IN LOVE AT FIRST POUR WITH. You ready?

Ladies & gents, this is Kelly’s Clean-AF Strawberry Maple & Rosemary Vinaigrette a.k.a. Make-Your-Greens-Sing-Do-a-Happy-Dance-&-Fall-in-Love-at-First-Pour-Oh-&-Pink-is-the-New-Black.

THINK: Strawberries, olive oil, lemon juice, maple syrup, white balsamic vinegar, DRIED ROSEMARY, ground pepper & sea salt. SALIVATING YET? Hope so!!!! You would think that using strawberries as a base for a dressing would create something OVERLY SWEET, right? I thought so too. BUT, THE RIPE FRUIT IS BALANCED OUT WITH THE ACIDITY FROM THE LEMON JUICE & ROUNDED OUT BEAUTIFULLY WITH THE ROSEMARY. Basically, this baby takes that whole strawberry & basil thing to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

Anywho my loves, I don’t think I have to mention it, since by now, you are defs getting to know me & you know I DO NOT STORE-BUY MY DRESSINGS. But, just in case, you should know that this baby is HOMEMADE & FROM SCRATCH (Entirely, yes!). Ergo, you will know EXACTLY every inch of what is going into this babe & you will therefore be able to devour, drink, pour, gobble it all up without an ounce of guilt. WINNING, RIGHT? 

OKAY, but what makes her so yummy & freaking amazing? Like… all I did was combine strawberries & some other fun ingredients in a food processor, right? NO. It’s the combination of these flavours that make this baby the ULTIMATE. OH &, not to mention:

  • She is the ultimate definition of garnishing your salad in SPRING VIBES & will LEGIT brighten up ANY GREEEEENS. In other words, this baby will make your GREENS SING & DO A HAPPY DANCE. NO JOKE.
  • She is simple, quick & easy to whisk up (I’m talking like 5 minutes, here…).
  • She’s 1000000% naturally-sweetened (ergo, she contains ZERO, yes, zero, REFINED-SUGAR!).
  • She’s savoury AF thanks to ‘dat rosemary.
  • GLUTEN-FREE, GRAIN-FREE & VEGAN! Woah. The best of “all three” worlds. Is that even a thing? Oh well, JUST MADE IT A THING!
  • Guilt-free!!!
  • She’s absolutely-positively-incredibly-wonderfully-beautifully PERFECT. Basically, you have NO REASON to not want to WHISK HER UP, POUR HER, DRINK HER, DEVOUR & SAVOUR HER.
  • OH WAIT, last thing: STRAWBERRIES ARE THE MAIN EVENT. This probs should have been like, at the top of my list, but whatevz. Did you munchkins know that strawberries are considered one of the healthiest fruits? HOW SO?
    • Packed with antioxidants.
    • Help lower blood pressure & are heart-healthy (Thank you flavonoids!).
    • Packed with tons of essential vitamins & nutrients. I’m talking magnesium, Vitamin K & potassium. BASICALLY, THE BABES WILL KEEP YOUR BONES HEALTHY.
    • Free haircare & skincare anyone? (UHM, yes please!!!!!). The babes actually have some anti-aging properties because they are filled with BIOTIN, which helps build strong hair & nails. They also contain ELLAGIC ACID, which protects the elastic fibres in our skin to PREVENT AGING (Another sitch of “buh-bye wrinkles“!!!)
  • & WAIT FOR IT, as if all that was not enough… THE BABES ARE SODIUM & CHOLESTEROL-FREE!

So what are you waiting for exactly? Oh right… I need to reveal to you munchkins how to make her. OKAY, I’ve ranted enough. Let’s get right to it!!! Here goes lovies!

My loves, YOU WILL NEED:

  • 1 cup of chopped strawberries (This baby is a great idea to whip up, OOPS, I mean, WHISK UP, when you have TONS of strawberries in your fridge & some of them are on the verge of going bad… YOU KNOW, MY NO-WASTE POLICY & STUFF… Basically, this is a perf way to save your strawbz!).
  • 2 tbsp. of organic extra-virgin olive oil;
  • 2 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice;
  • 2-3 tbsp. of pure organic maple syrup or raw organic honey (Depending on how sweet you want this baby to be). P.S. I used maple syrup, OBVS! But, this baby will work just as well with honey (She might just be a tiny bit thicker, but are you even mad, bro?);
  • 1 tbsp. of organic white balsamic vinegar;
  • 2 tsp. of dried rosemary;
  • ¼ tsp. of freshly ground black pepper;
  • 1/8 tsp. of sea salt (Add more once you taste & if you feel it’s not salty enough!);


HOW-TO? Guys, it’s a dressing… THE MOST DIFFICULT IT GETS is adding all the ingredients to a food processor or blender (Basically, the only reason I say “difficult” is because it means you need to bend down & take your food processor out of your pantry & well you know… that could involve a lot of moving stuff around, oh & squatting! LAWLZ. At least I’m giving you a LITTLE workout (No, this does not mean you can skip the gym today. BYE!). OK, RANT OVER. Babies, all you gotta do, seriously, is add all the ingredients to your food processor or blender & chop until combined & SMOOTH AF.





FOOD PORN?!?! YES! So much yes!


Now, MAKE YOUR GREENS SING & DANCE & PARTAY & ENJOY!!!! xoxo! <3 <3 <3 <3

UPDATE: Here’s how I made my greens sing for lunch today!!!!!

Basically, throw LOADS OF SPINACH, my FAMOUS AF Butternut Squash, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, plums, sliced deli turkey, a few heaping spoonfuls of my Spicy Tomato Jam, some Parm/Romano/nutritional yeast (or all of the above!!!) &…. 1/3 CUP OF GREEK YOGURT into a LARGE METAL MIXING BOWL & stir all this wonderfulness together!!! THEN, SEASON THIS BEAUTY WITH THIS MAGNIFICIENTLY-PINK-AF-INCREDIBLY-GORG strawberry dressing & mix well to ensure that all your veggies & stuff are coated EVENLY!!!!  ET VOILÁ!!!





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