When You Reach 1,200 Followers on Insta a.k.a. It’s-Not-About-The-Number-It’s-About-The-Love-&-Support

When You Reach 1,200 Followers on Insta a.k.a. It’s-Not-About-The-Number-It’s-About-The-Love-&-Support

OMG!! What a PERFECT Sunday! <3 <3 OH, hello lovies!!

  • It’s sunny AF out.
  • I had the BEST. PROTEIN. SHAKE. EVER. this morning.
  • I just devoured my overnight oats.
  • I’m feeling AMAZING, energized & relaxed AF.&… WAIT FOR IT, I just reached 1,200 followers!!! (For some, it might not be a big deal, but for me, it’s HUGE!).

Guys, CYBER KISS TO YOU ALL ATM. <3 <3 Whether you are family, a friend or a stranger, near or far, I want you ALL to know how ridiculously-insanely-incredibly thankful I am for all the LOVE, SUPPORT & OUTREACH I have received ever since starting my blog & coming out on social media about my struggles with grieving my mom’s passing & my journey towards recovery from anorexia. The calls, messages, texts & basically, the CONTINUOUS LOVE, that I receive from you on a DAILY basis whether it be to see how I’m doing, to give me that extra push of motivation for when times get tough, to encourage me to keep at it because my progress is beyond impressive, to tell me how delish my recipes turned out, or to tell me that you are there NO MATTER WHAT if ever I need anything, YOU MAKE RECOVERY THAT MUCH EASIER & YOU GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO KEEP ON FIGHTING, no matter how hard it is. You TRULY make me feel like SUPERWOMAN.

Being able to share my traumatic experiences so openly with you, as well as all my yummy-fill-your-tummy recipes has been the MOST REWARDING therapy EVER & has allowed me to learn so much about myself, the people around me, health, nutrition & mental illness.

But, MOST OF ALL, knowing that I am educating, inspiring & helping others is THE GREATEST REWARD I COULD ASK FOR & LITERALLY MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME & that’s why I will keep on keeping on. I will keep on fighting. I will keep on writing. I will keep on cooking. I will keep on baking. AND I WILL KEEP ON EATING (DEVOURING).

All this to say, THANK YOU TO EACH & EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS. You may not know it/feel it, but each & every single one of you is helping me KICK ANOREXIA IN THE BUTT & YOU ARE SIMPLY AWESOME. (P.S. Should we care how much we hurt her? NAH. Sorry Anorexia, now it’s MY turn to CONTROL YOU, Muahaha!

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