Cinnamon Blueberry Oat Muffins a.k.a. Your-(ONLY)-Reason-To-Wake-Up-Early-On-The-Weekends-Oh-&-I-Love-Blueberries-You?

Cinnamon Blueberry Oat Muffins a.k.a. Your-(ONLY)-Reason-To-Wake-Up-Early-On-The-Weekends-Oh-&-I-Love-Blueberries-You?

Hi loves! <3

And I’m back AGAIN! OBVS. This time, with a SCRUMPTIOUS dessert for you to have POST-EGGPLANT-PIZZA.

Guys, if you dare tell me that these are not the MOST BEAUTIFUL MUNCHKINS (OOPS, I mean MUFFINS) that you have ever seen, YOU JUST MESSED WITH THE WRONG B. BUT, if you agree with me (& YOU BETTER, if you know what’s good for you), I legit love you forever & ever!! Ladies & gents, I present you with my Cinnamon Blueberry Oat Muffins a.k.a. Your-(Only)-Reason-To-Wake-Up-Early-On-The-Weekends-Oh-&-I-Adore-Blueberries-You?

I honestly wish I could put into words how wonderfully-delicious these babies are, but I am literally at a loss for words (You all know that this does NOT happen very often cause well, I’m basically a chatterbox). No, but seriously… the first bite… IT TAKES YOU TO PARADISE. Literally. TO PARADISE!! (Just like Sean Kingston).

Not only will these babies take you to LEGIT PARADISE because they are so freaking delish, but they are ALSO so FREAKING GOOD FOR YOU. Let me explain.

  • Each baby (a.k.a. muffin) contains 3 grams of protein & ONLY 4 grams of sugar (ALL OF WHICH IS UNREFINED. The sugar comes from the natural sweetness of the prunes/dates – I used prunes, so the sugar count is based on the recipe made with prunes. I am almost certain that dates contain a bit more natural sugar than prunes do, so the sugar count might increase if you decide to use dates instead!). Basically, RETAIN THAT THESE BABES CONTAIN NO REFINED SUGARS (Do you know how rare that is for a muffin? I’m just so freaking awesome, man. Don’t you agree?).
  • Um. Can we discuss fibre? EACH BABE CONTAINS A WHOLE 3 GRAMS OF FIBRE! What?! Okay, these are getting to that too-good-to-be-true point. MAKE IT STOP. I AM GOING CRAY-CRAY.
  • They are gluten-free so they are WAY easier to digest than STARCHY, FLOUR-Y, HEAVY muffins, yet you will not feel one tiny bit DEPRIVED of all that flour-y stuff whatsoever!
  • Every single ingredient that goes into creating these babes is CLEAN & HEALTHY!
  • They are blueberry muffins & blueberries are ALL-KINDS-OF-GOOD-FOR-YOU.
    • They are super high in iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc & Vitamin K, all of which contributes to building & maintaining bone structure & strength!
    • They are NATURALLY FREE OF SODIUM & can therefore help lower blood pressure;
    • FULL of antioxidants that help protect cells against free radical damage;
    • FIBRE, FIBRE, FIBRE & MORE FIBRE!!!! Due to their high fibre content, blueberries help promote regularity for a healthy digestive tract! #WINNING!

ANYWHO my loves, basically, these muffins are not only scrumptiously-beautifully-perfectly-positively-extremely-&-incredibly-delicious, BUT THEY ARE ALSO SO NOURISHING. Legit, killing two birds with one stone with these babes. Without further ado, I will not keep these munchkins away from you any longer (Although you have no idea how badly I want to keep them all to myself!!).

Here’s what you need my loves:

  • 1 1/3 cup of gluten-free rolled oats, divided (I use Only Oats gluten-free rolled oats);
  • 1 2/3 cup of unsweetened organic almond milk (I use Earth’s Choice);
  • ½ cup of prunes or Medjool dates, pitted (I used prunes… well cause… YOU KNOW, FIBRE!!!);
  • 1/2 tsp. of pure organic vanilla extract (I use Simply Organic);
  • 1 egg;
  • 2 tsp. of baking powder (I use Bob’s Red Mill);
  • 2 tsp. of cinnamon (I use Simply Organic);
  • 2/3 cup of fresh blueberries!

That’s it my loves! And now, HOW-TO?

  • Preheat the oven to 350F & line a muffin tin with parchment wrappers.
  • Put 1 1/4 cups of the oats into a food processor & BLITZ them until they form a fine, flour-like powder.
  • Once the oats are processed AF, add the almond milk, prunes/dates, vanilla extract, egg, baking powder, cinnamon & blueberries & BLITZ AGAIN until you obtain a fairly smooth mixture!


  • Divide the mixture EVENLY among the 12 muffin wrappers (My loves, we have been over this, remember? Don’t make your muffins jealous of one another. TREAT THEM WITH EQUAL LOVE & RESPECT. THEY DESERVE IT. THEY’RE SO GOOD TO YOU. (Here’s a tip!: I ALWAYS use an ice-cream scoop when pouring my batter into my muffin wrappers).
  • Sprinkle the remaining oats over the muffins & bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until the muffins are cooked through! (I baked my babies for 21 minutes & they came out PERF. But, like I always tell you lovies, WATCH YOUR MUFFINS. CARE FOR YOUR MUFFINS. DO NOT LET YOUR MUFFINS BURN).


  • Remove the babes from the oven & leave to cool a little before DIGGING IN… but um… who on earth are we kidding? WHO ACTUALLY WAITS FOR THE MUFFINS TO COOL BEFORE DIGGING IN? They are so much better when they come out of the oven, all warm & moist & soft & tender & melt-in-your-mouth GAHHH. I’m losing my words. I can’t even.


  • If you make it past the cooling step (WHICH, BY THE WAY, YOU WILL NOT), DEVOUR THE BABES &… if there are any left (WHICH, ONCE AGAIN, THERE WILL NOT BE), store the babes in an airtight container.




Enjoy lovies!!! Xoxo <3 P.S. MUFFINS, always!

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