Another Week, More Accomplishments a.k.a. Kicking-Anorexia-In-The-Butt-Real-Hard-&-I-Don’t-Care-How-Much-It-Hurts

Another Week, More Accomplishments a.k.a. Kicking-Anorexia-In-The-Butt-Real-Hard-&-I-Don’t-Care-How-Much-It-Hurts

Another week, MORE accomplishments!

Hi loves! Happy FRIYAY night! I don’t mean to brag or anything (even though I can rightfully say that bragging rights have been earned, don’t you think?), but another week has gone by & I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR MY CONTINUED PROGRESS ON MY JOURNEY TOWARDS RECOVERY! Anorexia, I’M LITERALLY KICKING YOU SO HARD IN THE BUTT RIGHT NOW. (Sorry if it hurts, but, BYE. PEACE OUT. IT’S BEEN REAL!

Ok my loves, let me explain!

  • I’m happy to say that my scale & I are STILL BROKEN UP & I have never felt more liberated in my life. I still see him once in the morning but, it’s by PURE OBLIGATION ordered by my treatment team. I can’t wait for the day where I can fully get rid of him (being the scale!!).
  • I’ve been ON POINT with my recipes & I’ve been progressively adding more & more good-for-you FATS everyday & I feel F-AMAZING! Need I mention that a few months ago, I was legit afraid to eat one almond… NOW I AM OVERDOSING ON THEM AMARETTI THINS & I ain’t even mad bro!!!;
  • The gains keep comin’ & I’m legit begging for more! A few short months ago, gains were equated with failure. Now, GAINS MEAN SUCCESS. GAINS MEAN KELLY DOES A HAPPY DANCE. GAINS MEAN MY RECOVERY IS HAPPENING & IT’S REAL AF, but most of all, GAINS MEAN ALL MY HARD WORK HAS BEEN & WILL CONTINUE TO BE WORTH EVERY SECOND. P.S. admit you see the increased chubby-ness in my cheeks?! I won’t be offended. PROMISE!
  • I’ve been learning so much about supplements, vitamins, nutrients, skincare & organic, raw & natural foods & best of all, my blog has given me the opportunity & privilege to share it with all of you, my beautiful & lovely supporters in hopes that it will help & inspire you in some way or another!
  • I FINALLY had the courage (& it took A HELL OF A LOT OF IT) to post the “Letter to My Mom” that I have been working on, reworking, not to mention, bawling my eyes over, for months! Best feeling in the world & the support & love I received from all of YOU has rendered me SPEECHLESS! <3

So, THANK YOU MY LOVES & THANK YOU MOMMY for giving me the strength to keep on fighting!!! <3




OH & on a less serious note:

(Clearly, I have a little too much fun with Snapchat filters sometimes… how old am I again? LAWLZ, dying!!!)

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