RX Bars FTW a.k.a. The-REALEST-SIMPLEST-YUMMIEST-CLEANEST-&-HEALTHIEST-Protein-Bar-That-You-Ever-Did-Eat-Oops-I-Mean-Devour

RX Bars FTW a.k.a. The-REALEST-SIMPLEST-YUMMIEST-CLEANEST-&-HEALTHIEST-Protein-Bar-That-You-Ever-Did-Eat-Oops-I-Mean-Devour

Hi my loves! <3

I’m back & promoting another F-AMAZING product that I recently discovered throughout my journey towards recovery! These are, SIMPLY PUT, THE. BEST. BARS. EVER. Why, you ask? GAH, so many reasons, I don’t even know where to start.

But, first of all, shoutout to @rxbar, I <3 you! You guys are the bomb & your bars are freaking amazing!!! They have LITERALLY been my go-to mid-morning or afternoon snacks when I feel the need for a protein boost OR WHEN I’M SIMPLY IN THE MOOD TO TREAT MYSELF & GO TO CLOUD 9 FOR A BIT, YOU KNOW? I’m into all that NOURISH YOUR BODY STUFF, if you haven’t already noticed…

SIDE NOTE: My loves, if there’s one thing (well, another thing) that recovery has taught me when you’re craving something, don’t deprive your bodies, let yourselves have it BUT MOST OF ALL, ENJOY IT! You deserve it!

GUYS, these babes are made with THE HEALTHIEST, SIMPLEST, CLEANEST, REALEST (& YUMMIEST) INGREDIENTS, all of which are listed on the front of the wrapper… GET THIS:

  • Egg whites;
  • Almonds;
  • Cashews;
  • Dates &;
  • Best of all, NO B.S.!!!!!

BASICALLY, what you see is what you eat. 100% natural flavours, LITERALLY. You know what that means? No added sugar. No dairy. No soy. No gluten. No artificial colors, flavours, preservatives or fillers! WHAT!?! I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. I eat them (almost) every day so I can confirm that they are AS REAL AS IT GETS! Think of all those other protein bars on the market that are filled with ingredients that we (well, I’ll speak for myself) cannot even pronounce & then… THINK OF RX BARS. There truly is no comparison.

THERE’S JUST ONE HUGE PROBLEM. They do not sell them in Montreal!!!! BUT, BUT, BUT, AMAZON to the rescue!!! In case you care (& you should), my fave flavours are: Coconut Chocolate & Maple Sea Salt! THEY ARE SO EFFING DELICIOUS. SO GO FILL THEM CARTS & DEVOUR AWAY!

(P.S. If I may make a suggestion, ORDER MORE THAN 1 BOX. You’ll be disappointed when your 12-pack is finished at the end of the week & you have to reorder & PAY FOR SHIPPING AGAIN – Is that not the worst feeling in the world?!).

OH & here I am promoting the bars & stuff… #noshame



Enjoy lovies!! Xx <3


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