Okay, maybe I take it back. Maybe I am sorta back on my “selfie-game“. I’m still not certain. BUT, one thing I know for sure is that my recent selfies are a good sign. Of what, you ask?

A sign that I’m learning to like the way I look.

A sign that I’m starting to feel comfortable in my body.

A sign that I’m starting to feel less anxious around other people.

A sign that my incessant need to isolate myself is (very slowly) fading away.

A sign that I’m starting to feel like I look “presentable” again.

BUT MOST OF ALL, a sign that I am starting to LOVE MYSELF again & this, lovies, feels SO AMAZING. 🤗

Don’t forget I’m coming from a very, very, very dark place (think of it as a cave), where the exit was unfortunately non-existent (or so I thought) & where I just wanted to wallow in my loneliness & isolate myself because I did not feel worthy or “presentable” enough to be around others.

BUT TODAY, AS I TAKE THIS SELFIE (& 387378484847 other ones, until I selected the “perf one” #firstworldprobs):

I found the exit from the cave (even though it took a really effing long time & a hell of a lot of effort).

There is LIGHT,

I no longer want to be alone 24/7.

I’m slowly starting to feel as though I AM PRESENTABLE & I can finally be around those who care, love & support me throughout my journey towards ANOREXIA RECOVERY.

WOAH, all this to describe a selfie… I know, I have a ranting problem but I’ll take that one over anorexia any day! 



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