Cup O’ Coffee On Ma Face, Waddup? a.k.a. If-You-Get-Close-Enough-You’ll-See-I-Smell-Like-Heaven-Oops-I-Meant-Coffee

Cup O’ Coffee On Ma Face, Waddup? a.k.a. If-You-Get-Close-Enough-You’ll-See-I-Smell-Like-Heaven-Oops-I-Meant-Coffee

HI LOVES! 🙂 Hope you all had a good day! For starters, most of you are probs thinking “Why on earth is she telling us about some face mask that she looks entirely insane wearing? Her blog is supposed to be about food.” RIGHT. But guys, if you continue reading (AND YOU BETTER!), you will understand exactly why. THIS COFFEE MASK IS ESSENTIALLY FOOD!!!

CURRENT SITCH: Coffee on my face, waddup? I do acknowledge that I LEGIT looked insane wearing this thing (And I’m not sure why I publicized how insane I looked wearing it on social media, but whatevz). As soon as I took it off my face, I JUST HAD TO SHARE IT WITH YOU GUYS RIGHT AWAY!! It was my first time trying it & let me tell you, it’s F-AMAZING!

Kay, first of all, it’s called Cup O’ Coffee or Caféinomane (in good québécois French, lawlz!) & it’s by Lush Cosmetics! If, LIKE ME, you have a slight (Okay, HUGE) coffee obsession, the second you open the container, you MELT. I CAN’T EVEN. Aside from the heavenly-to-die-for smell of freshly brewed coffee (LITERALLY!), the ingredients are SUPER clean & natural, the main ones being:

  • Fresh ground coffee;
  • Kaolin. If, like me, you have no idea what this is until l did my research, it’s a naturally occurring soft clay that comes from mountains and riverbeds in China & is often used in makeup and skincare products to cleanse & exfoliate dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface A.K.A. LIFE!);
  • Sweet roasted cocoa extract (DROOOOOOLING);
  • Agave syrup (Nope, it’s not ONLY used for baking!).
    • Basically, LIFE.

Like, put all that stuff in a bowl & I’m actually D to eat it, you? (TOLD YOU GUYS THIS MASK WAS ESSENTIALLY FOOD!!!). No, but seriously, you have no idea how good my skin feels after washing this off! Since it’s made with ground coffee, it’s super exfoliating so my skin feels incredibly clean, moisturizer, smooth, soft & refreshed RN! I swear, I want to use this baby every morning starting tomorrow!!

OH & the best part? This baby is super affordable & comes in two sizes. I bought the small one (150g) since I wanted to try it out first & it sells for $10.95, but I will definitely buy the big one (325g) when I run out of this one (a.k.a. In like a week?  The big one sells for only $9 more & you get more than double the quantity! So worth it!!!  

ANYWHO my loves, thought I would share this product with you ’cause if like me, your skin gets super dry in the winter, this babe could be a good start to getting your skin to feel more moisturized & smooth with summmatime right around the corner. PLUS, LEZ BE HONEST, WHO DOESN’T WANT TO RUB GROUND COFFEE ALL OVER THEIR FACE?

LASTLY, in case you wanted to see more of the crazy that I looked like with this babe smothered all over my face, HERE GOES (Can you tell I love you guys a lot? Like… look what I’m sharing with you. I THINK IT’S NOW SAFE TO SAY THAT YOU GUYS HAVE LEGIT SEEN ME AT MY WORST!):




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