Clean Eating Chunky Apple Almond Butter a.k.a. Guilt-Free-Spreading-For-Days (P.S. She’s Passover Friendly)

Clean Eating Chunky Apple Almond Butter a.k.a. Guilt-Free-Spreading-For-Days (P.S. She’s Passover Friendly)

Good morning love bugs! 🙂 6:07AM, Waddup?

I just whipped up the quickest & simplest Clean Eating Chunky Apple Almond Butter Spread. (Guys, I’m not kidding when I say it took me 5 minutes!!!!) & she is absolutely DELISH! IT’S ALL ABOUT DAT CHUNK

With only three ingredients (Yep, once again, you read right. ONLY THREE, a.k.a. this spread essentially gives you permission to be LAZY A-F), this spread is completely guilt-free, fresh, yet bold in flavour, sweet (BUT, contains NO ADDED SUGAR), fruity, clean, healthy, SO, SO tasty & best of all, to all my fellow J’s, she is PASSOVER FRIENDLY! a.k.a. Spread her all over dat matzah!!!! Admit you’re SO EFFIN’ THANKFUL that I just gave you an alternative to J&J whipped cream cheese. I mean, that cream cheese is relish & all, BUT JUST HOW MUCH OF IT CAN YOU EAT? (Or… another suggestion: spread this baby ON TOP OF THE CREAM CHEESE & you can get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!). ANYWHO, all this to say, once you go “Kelly’s Apple Almond Butter“, you’ll never go back! TRY ME.

You guys are probs going to LOVE ME FOREVER & BE SUPER THANKFUL that this post will be short & sweet (Just like this spread… well, not short, BUT SWEET, NATURALLY SWEET, gah, DYING!). SO, WHAT ARE THOSE THREE MYSTERY INGREDIENTS, you ask?

  • 2 medium apples;
  • 1/4 cup of raw organic almonds (I use Elan Organics);
  • 2 tbsp. of orange juice.

GUYS… THAT’S IT. Like I wish I had a list of 908459285934 ingredients to ramble about right about now, BUT I JUST DON’T, because this babe is just too clean. Admit it, you’re tripping.

OH & if you thought the ingredients list was simple… wait until you see how simple it is for them to come together to create this deliciousness. ARE YOU READY? Even if you aren’t, too bad, IT’S DAT TIME:

  • Remove the core from the apples & cut those babies into chunks (Like I’ve said in the past, be mindful & kind to your food processor. Don’t make the chunks too big. Your food processor’s blade does so much for you. Give it some love, kay?);
  • Place all the ingredients in your food processor & BLEND DAT STUFF until smooth, BUT, BUT, BUT, STILL CHUNKY (This part is UBER-IMPORTANT GUYS & is one of the things that makes this spread so yummy… I mean, unless you want to end up with applesauce? Whatever floats your boats, honeys);
  • Wish I had a third step but I don’t. SHE’S READY MY LOVES! Spoon out a tbsp., or two, or three, OR SPREAD THE ENTIRE BATCH on some perfectly toasted bread/bagels, crackers, MATZAH, fruit, throw some into your oats or cereal, OR JUST EAT HER BY THE SPOONFUL (Most likely what will happen).

Oh & if you were wondering what I meant by “KEEP HER CHUNKY!”, HERE ARE SOME PICS TO HELP… (I mean, I knew you guys would need the help, so even at 5:45AM, I was considerate & started with the photography. I’m so awesome. *Taps shoulder*):


I am sure that at the sight of her, you now UNDERSTAND (even better than you already did) why she will become a staple for me (a.k.a. Gonna make this baby every single week! Perfect guilt-free spread to keep in my fridge for whenever that almond craving hits, a.k.a. EVERY. FREAKING. DAY. GAH, ALMONDS, I LOVE YOU <3). K BYE LOVIES, xx! 🙂

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