Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites a.k.a. Mine-&-Soon-To-Be-Your-Reason-For-Being-&-No-This-Is-Not-Me-Exaggerating

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites a.k.a. Mine-&-Soon-To-Be-Your-Reason-For-Being-&-No-This-Is-Not-Me-Exaggerating

Hi my loves! Happy Saturday night J

OKAY, so being the cookie dough addict that I am, I came up with YET ANOTHER CLEAN recipe for no-bake frozen cookie dough bites, ONLY GET THIS… these ones are A LETHAL COMBINATION OF PEANUT BUTTER & COOKIE DOUGH, a.k.a. LIFE. I present you with my Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites a.k.a. Mine-&-Soon-To-Be-Your-Reason-For-Being-AND NO-This-Is-Not-Me-Exaggerating. I SWEAR (Even though I admit I do sometimes!).

OH & DID I MENTION THAT THEY DO NOT CONTAIN ANY & I MEAN, ANY SUGAR? They’re made with just FOUR, yes, JUST FOUR ALL-NATURAL, ingredients. What are they, you ask? UNSALTED PEANUTS. ORGANIC RAISINS. RAW ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER & PURE VANILLA EXTRACT. ZOMFG, I’m just way tooooo excited right now. Oh and… THEY ARE ALSO VEGAN. What? Essentially, these are a delicious & naturally sweet cookie dough treat and to make things even better, they are SO BEYOND EASY TO MAKE (even your kiddies could do it!), they can be made in a flash & since they’re no bake, NO NEED TO TURN ON YOUR OVEN (which means, your Netflix binge can resume as soon as you finish rolling DAT DOUGH into perfect little bites of yumminess). All you gotta do once that’s done is TAKE THEM TO THE COUCH WITH YOU AS YOU WATCH NETFLIX & EAT THEM RIGHT AWAY (You have been warned. This is MOST PROBABLY what will happen) or FREEZE THEM for at least 30 minutes (Ideally, for an hour… if you can wait THAT LONG) & then MUNCH AWAY (#IAmTheCookieMonster).

OKAY, she keeps saying how easy they are to make… but like, is she EVER gonna tell us what we need & how to make them? Can’t deal!” Yes, yes, my loves, I was just getting to that! It’s pretty simple, TO MAKE THESE PERFECT-LITTLE-BITES-OF-GOODNESS-THAT-WILL-MAKE-YOU-MELT, you will need:

  • ½ cup of unsalted, roasted peanuts;
  • ½ cup of organic unsweetened raisins (I use Prana Organic Thompson raisins);
  • ¼ cup of raw organic peanut butter (I use MaraNatha, but I legit have like 9034098409324092 different raw & organic peanut butters… CONFESSION: THIS IS THE ONE THAT WAS OPEN A.K.A. THE ONE I EAT SPOONFULS OUT OF… EVERY NOW & THEN… or rather, every hour);
  • 1 tsp. of pure organic vanilla extract (Simply Organic, people. The only way to go. I’m tellin’ ya!).

SEE HOW CLEAN? See how much I care about you guys? IT’S ALL ABOUT NOURISHMENT, MY LOVES.

Ok, now how do you take these beautiful raw ingredients & combine them to create the deliciousness that I can hardly put into words?

  • In a food processor, process the nuts until they are very fine;
  • Add the raisins, peanut butter & vanilla and process again, until very smooth (K GUYS, DO. NOT. PANIC. But, you might need to add a bit of water if you find that your food processor is having a hard time handling the stickiness of your cookie dough. If you see that happening, add a tsp. of water at a time – don’t add TOO MUCH! – until your entire mixture becomes perfectly blended and sticks into a large dough ball (OMFG, the sight of that huge ball of cookie dough is going to KILL YOU. I JUST WANTED TO BITE RIGHT INTO IT. I SWEAR);
  • Remove the dough from the food processor & form it into small balls and press each ball slightly;


    • DEVOUR THESE BABIES RIGHT AWAY BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO SELF-CONTROL (Don’t worry. I’m not judging you. I don’t either).
    • FREEZE THESE BABIES & EAT THEM LATER (If you are actually able to do this, you have way too much self-control & we can no longer be friends. Sorry not sorry).
  • Make another batch of dough.
  • Repeat process.


Enjoy my loves!!! Xoxo! OH & feel free to call me so we can discuss how guilty we feel for eating the entire ball of dough then laugh about it because ULTIMATELY, WHO REALLY CARES? A.K.A. TREAT YO’ SELF! 


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