Mango Turmeric Blueberry Smoothie a.k.a. The-Good-For-Your-Gut-Morning-Burst

Mango Turmeric Blueberry Smoothie a.k.a. The-Good-For-Your-Gut-Morning-Burst

A lot of you asked about the wonders that is this Mango Turmeric Blueberry Smoothie, so here I am, yet again, GIVING INTO YOUR NEEDS (because I’m awesome like that). This beautifully coloured, creamy, delicious, PINK (YES, IT’S SO PRETTY & PINK), sweet, yet savoury (Thank you, turmeric. You are so freaking amazing) is SO easy to whip up (so it makes for the perfect smoothie when you’re in a rush (aka ALWAYS) & it’s literally JAM-PACKED with nutrients.

What do you need to make this baby? It’s simple! (Yep, you can thank me later).

  • 1 1/2 cups of peeled & diced ripe fresh mango (I always cut mine up EARLY in the AM because yep, I wake up at like 5:00 AM, NO JOKE PEOPLE & then freeze it until I prepare the smoothie because I find it adds a creamy frozen texture to the smoothie. If you are not a morning person like moi, you can obvs. cut up & freeze a big batch of mango at the beginning of the week & keep it in your freezer so it’s ready for the week.
  • 1/4 cup of blueberries (Also froze these babies!);
  • 1/2 to 1 cup of ice (I used 3/4 cup & it was enough for me but it all depends on the consistency you like your smoothie to have! You be the judge – guys, I could help your case in the kitchen BUT, only to a certain extent!!!);
  • 1/2 cup of organic unsweetened almond milk. I use Earth’s Own brand. You can also use coconut water, soy, skim, full-fat milk or any other plant-based milk, MMMM CASHEW MILK. MMMM MACADAMIA NUT MILK – BASICALLY, POSSIBILITIES = ENDLESS);
  • 1/4 tsp of my one & only babe (Well, after spinach) TURMERIC! I use Simply Organic. I freaking love this stuff and it’s SO. GOOD. FOR. YOU.;
  • 1-2 organic Medjool dates, PITTED (a.k.a. TAKE OUT THE PIT, be ever so kind to your blenders people, look how good they are to you!! They essentially give you PERMISSION TO BE LAZY (Breville Boss, I love you!);

OK, GUYS. THIS IS A SMOOTHIE. I don’t think I need to instruct you on how to make it! BUT, just in case you’re a first-timer, BLEND ALL INGREDIENTS in your blender until desired consistency is obtained! Add more milk/ice if you find that your smoothie is too thin/thick! (AGAIN, you be the judge or FaceTime moi LAWLZ!). No but seriously guys, BLEND THIS BABY & DRINK THIS GOOD-FOR-YOUR-GUT-STUFF. You’ll thank me later. TURMERIC FOR THE WIN, LITERALLY!!!!

Wow, this post is actually quite short… Should I ramble a bit more about how obsessed I am with turmeric? Or nah, I’ll give you guys a little break (Yes, I did say little, I’M COMING BACK FOR MORE, SO DON’T GET USED TO THIS!!).


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Love you all! Xx

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