Clean Eating Blackberry Chia Jam a.k.a. Spread-this-Stuff-on-Everything

Clean Eating Blackberry Chia Jam a.k.a. Spread-this-Stuff-on-Everything

Morning mes amours! 🙂 I had leftover blackberries in my fridge last night that were LEGIT ABOUT to go bad & as you all know, I absolutely HATE wasting food (Yep, you read right. The no-waste policy is also in effect for myself. After all, how could I impose a policy on all you beautiful supporters & not follow it myself?). ANYWAY, I got off my butt & whipped up this FIVE-INGREDIENT (Yes, FIVE. ONLY FIVE) Blackberry Chia Jam in JUST MINUTES, no joke guys! So simple & easy (a.k.a. it doesn’t need to simmer for like 45 minutes on your stovetop, which means you only need to pause that Netflix binge for like a total of 10 minutes & you have a beautiful spread for tomorrow morning’s breakfast toast. How awesome?).

P.S. If instead of blackberries, you have leftover blueberries, raspberries or strawberries, you can swap for any of the above! If you do use strawberries, they might take SLIGHTLY longer to boil than the others but it won’t make that much of a difference in terms of timing (a.k.a. your Netflix binge will resume shortly. Promise).

So RIGHT AFTER I made it, obvi, I tasted a spoonful, or two, or three… (I never post a recipe for you lovies unless I’ve tried it because well… I DON’T WANT TO POISON YOU!) & you will not  believe how DELISH it is, especially given that it contains ONLY FIVE (Yes, I’m bragging about that again) ingredients: Fresh blackberries, 1 nectarine, fresh lemon juice, chia seeds (LOVE YA!) & RAW organic Manuka honey (Feel free to use regular honey if that’s what you’ve got & you aren’t into that raw stuff – NO JUDGMENT, SWEAR. BILLY BEE FOR THE WIN).

Why did I add the chia seeds, you ask? Don’t they make the jam fattening, you ask? TO THIS I ANSWER, I added the chia seeds for two reasons. Actually three.

  1. I load up on ANTIOXIDANTS whenever I can.
  2. When these babies are heated & immersed in liquid, they inflate & become all jelly-like a.k.a. they are the PURRRRFECT FOOD FOR THICKENING JAM!
  3. THE CALORIES (I need those babies like you have no idea) & chia seeds are a great way to get in those extra (GOOD-FOR-YOU-&-WORTH-IT) calories, without feeling like even more of a sumo-wrestler than I already do, a.k.a. they are the perfect way to sneak calories into food without feeling like I am eating for three, INSTEAD OF TWO.

ANYWAY, since I am so adding this jam to my overnight oats this morning (Breakfast, I can’t wait to eat you. Why is it still so early? I WANT BREAKY NOW. I WANT JAM NOW. I WANT OATS NOW), I figured I’d give you guys the same opportunity (Not selfish, once again, you see? Told you!!!!). P.S. Should I just eat the oats now & have a second breaky later? GAHHHH.

OKAY, so to make 1-ish-cup-of-jam, you need:

  • 1 cup of blackberries (or any other one of the beautiful perfect berries listed above that is about to rot at the back of your fridge. Guys, next time, treat your berries better. They deserve the love).
  • 1 medium nectarine or peach, PEELED, cored (a.k.a. take out dat pit) & cut into small cubes.
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. of fresh lemon juice;
  • 1-2 tbsp. of Raw Manuka Honey (or regular honey if that’s all you’ve got!). P.S. A lot of you are probs. wondering, “WTF IS SHE TALKING ABOUT, A.K.A. WHAT IS MANUKA HONEY?” Right? K, quick lesson: This honey is given its name because it comes from the nectar of the Manuka tree. It’s commonly sold as an alternative to medicine because of its anti-bacterial properties, i.e. it could possibly help treat infection, acid reflux, acne, eczema & allergies!. WHAT!!! OH AND, best part: Honey is already super-nutritious but the nutritional content of Manuka honey is actually up to 4x that of normal flower honeys (so it’s like THE SUPERMAN of honey). I bet you’re on your way to the grocery store to pick this baby up. AND, if you are, get the one by Wild Country (PURE. RAW. MANUKA. HONEY).
  • 2 TBSP. OF LIFE, I mean… CHIA SEEDS (Sorry for that, I must have confused you there for a second if you didn’t know that these babies were life, BUT NOW YOU KNOW). I use either Prana Probiotic Chia Seeds, MamaChia! or Salba Chia – ALL FREAKING AMAZING, a.k.a. I always have to lay all three out on my counter & go through a decision-making process to decide which ones to use… #pathetic.

HOW CLEAN ARE THESE INGREDIENTS? Seriously. See, I care about my body but I care about yours too!!!

OK, now I told you guys this was super quick & easy and I was NOT lying. Here goes:

  • In a small saucepan over MEDIUM (not high!!!) heat, combine the blackberries, cubed nectarine & lemon juice. As the fruit heats up and the juices bubble and boil, SMASH THE FRUIT (so fun!!) using the back of a fork until they break down. This should take about 3-5 minutes. WATCH YOUR JAM. NO NETFLIX FOR YOU, GLEN COCO (If you caught on to this Mean Girls reference, I love you).
  • BE KIND TO YOUR JAM. SWEETEN YOUR JAM (NATURALLY) a.k.a. ADD the 1-2 tbsp. of raw Manuka honey (you decide how much you want to put depending on how sweet you like your jam to be – I used 1.5 tbsp!);


  • NOW, add your CHIA SEEDS, a.k.a. LIFE & stir just once! Remove this baby from the heat & let your jam set for about 5 minutes. IT SHOULD THICKEN (Thank you, CHIA baby!).
  • YOUR JAM SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS BABY & if it does, proceed to store it in an airtight container, BUT LET IT COOL BEFORE COVERING IT (a.k.a. go back to watching Netflix & come back & check on this baby in an hour. DON’T FALL ASLEEP) & REFRIGERATE THAT STUFF!
  • PROCEED to fantasize about your toast smothered in this wonderfulness. P.S. I totally just realized that I like just saved you guys $$$$$. Who needs store-bought jam when you’ve got this? NOBODYYYYYYY!!!

Enjoy my loves! Xoxo <3

OH!!! UPDATE: HERE’S THE RASPBERRY VERSION OF THIS BABE (Just sub the blackberries for raspberries & BOOOOOOM!):


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