Vegan French Toast a.k.a. Dreamy Cinnamon Spiced Heaven

Vegan French Toast a.k.a. Dreamy Cinnamon Spiced Heaven

GUYS, this is the ULTIMATE weekend breaky (See how much I care about you guys? I’m giving you the perfect breakfast to whip up for your hubs/boyf/fiancé/kiddies tomorrow morning (or this morning, uhm… afternoon… if you REALLY slept in). I honestly don’t know how I waited so long before sharing this with you guys. TBH, it was kind of selfish of me. But, I’m sharing now, so wtvz.

This vegan (YES, that means, no dairy & no eggs!!!) French toast is light & beautiful, is a perfect way to make use of the not-so-fresh-anymore bread-that’s-been-out-on-the-counter, it takes the cake for the ultimate guilt-free breaky, is DELISH, is HEAVEN & is PURE BLISS.

At just 240 calories for the ENTIRE RECIPE (Yes, I said the entire recipe & I was generous, I even included the strawberries, blueberries & WAIT FOR IT… ORGANIC PURE MAPLE SYRUP in that calculation, P.S. don’t forget, I use Decacer brand!), 3.1g of fat, 7G OF FIBRE (HOLY CR*P!!) & 8.1 of protein (ZOMFG, a dream), not to mention, heavenly deliciousness in every bite.

P.S. The nutritional information will obvs. vary slightly depending on which bread you choose to use! LET YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WILD. HAVE FUN WITH THIS. I use sprouted Belgian toast because like, it’s my FAVE. But, honestly, a fantasy just popped in my mind… Imagine this recipe with Challah bread? PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU TRY THIS. I feel like it could be 808130813874824x better with CHALLAH. I mean, what isn’t better with challah, lez be honest… I’ll be waiting to hear from the first one of you to attempt this – HELP ME OUT, make my recipe EVEN BETTER (Wait a second… is that even possible?).

Pair this yumminess with one of my smoothie recipes & you have literally THE. PERFECT. GUILT-FREE & NUTRIENT-PACKED. BREAKY. EVER. (Some of my fave smoothie recipes are: Chocolate Banana Shake, Blueberry Banana Mint Smoothie & Strawberry Banana Greens Smoothie! I already posted the strawberry one & promise to post the other two soon: WHICH ONE DO YOU GUYS WANT TO SEE FIRST? Let me know in the comments! – See how much I love you?).

P.P.S. For a faster start in the morning a.k.a. if you’re a working mama with kiddies jumping around the kitchen in the morning or simply just need to get an earlier start to your day, you can totz. prepare the batter the night before & refrigerate it overnight. Pop it out of the fridge in the morning & BOOM. YOUR BREAKY IS HALFWAY THERE. Cool, right? (I know, I know, I’m so awesome).

OK, WHAT DO YOU NEED TO PREPARE THIS DELICIOUSNESS? (P.P.P.S. This recipe should make 4 peices of French toast. If you decide to be freaking awesome & use Challah bread, it MIGHT make something more like 3 pieces since it’s a lot thicker than most types of bread. IF YOU TRY IT, LET ME KNOW PLEASE. KTHX). Ok, now it’s time for me to shut up & list them ingredients:

  • 1 cup of organic unsweetened almond milk (I use Earth’s Own, a.k.a. HEAVEN – I go through these cartons like it’s water… OOPPPPS!);
  • 1 tsp. of pure organic vanilla extract (I use Simply Organic);
  • 1 tbsp. of pure organic maple syrup (I use Decacer brand);
  • 2 tbsp. of arroroot starch (I use Bob’s Red Mill). If you dont have this ingredient, you can totz. substitute for corn starch – serves the same purpose – A.K.A. YOUR FRENCH TOAST WILL STILL BE FREAKING AWESOME, I SWEAR.
  • 1 tsp. of ground cinnamon (I use Simply Organic);
  • 1/4 tsp. of ground nutmeg (I use Simply Organic);
  • 1 tsp. of soy sauce (I use Naked Coconuts Soy Sauce Substitute, but you could totz. use regular soy sauce! JUST WATCH OUT FOR DAT SODIUM, PEOPLE);
  • 1 tbsp. of coconut oil (for the skillet)
  • 4 slices of bread (GAHHHHH, let the mind run wild, guys. There are too many amazing options out there, I don’t even know what to suggest. I used sprouted Belgian bread, BUT BUT BUT, please try it with Challah bread. PLEASEEEE. Try to use firmer bread with a thick crust to avoid it breaking when you dip it in the batter, BUT BABES, NO WASTE POLICY IN EFFECT, use what you got in dat pantry!!).
  • OPTIONAL, but super FUN & AWESOME INGREDIENTS: Chopped fruit (I prefer berries with my French toast), MORE MAPLE SYRUP (AHHHH), butter, honey, margarine, jam, powdered sugar, cinnamon, cocoa powder… GUYS, I CAN GO ON FOR DAYS. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS. Have fun with your breaky. After all, it is THE MSOT important meal of the day, so savour it. Devour it. LICK YO PLATE.

TO WHIP UP THESE BABIES – I will have you eating in no time, I swear. Love me? Thought so.

  1. Put the batter ingredients in a large bowl (a.k.a. everything up until the coconut oil, in case you couldn’t tell LAWL) & mix thoroughly.
  2. Coat your skillet with COCONUT OIL (MY BABE, Nutiva, I would never cheat on you again promise. My side b*tch Naked Coconuts is gone for good. I swear).
  3. When the skillet is hot (BUT DON’T LET IT GET TO A POINT WHERE IT’S SMOKING), dip each slice of bread in the batter & cook on both sides untul they are slightly browned (Best way is if you have a skillet that will fit both toasts at the same time so that 1) they cook evenly, 2) your worst nightmaare doesn’t happen, a.k.a. you cook the first one, then the second one, but then the first one is already cold by the time the second one is ready, ZOMFG, I would restart from scratch if this happened LAWLZ).
  4. THAT’S IT. I SWEAR. IT’S READY. SIT YO BUTT DOWN PEOPLE. EAT THIS WARM. Drizzle your maple syrup. Sprinkle your fruit. Spread dat butter. Pour dat honey. Spread dat jam. SPRINKLE DAT SUGAR, CINNAMON, SPICE & EVERYTHING NICE (oh & the cocoa powder – we can never forget the cocoa powder… like C’MON PEOPLE, get on top of your sh*t!).
  5. DEVOUR. DEVOUR. & DEVOUR SOME MO’. (If you think you were making a portion for two because you made four slices, you were sadly mistaken. You were lying to yourself. You will eat it all & your breaky partner will end up eating toast with PB&J. Whatevz, right? SH*T HAPPENS! Better luck next time.

This dreamy French toast MUST look like this, LIKE IT HAS TO.

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