No-Bake Almond Butter Apricot Squares a.k.a. LIFE

No-Bake Almond Butter Apricot Squares a.k.a. LIFE

These No-Bake Almond Butter Apricot Squares are, simply put, LIFE. If you’re craving a cookie-ish snack (And really, when are you not? I ALWAYS AM) that’s high in protein (#eatyoproteins) & has tons of flava but just aren’t D for the hassle of an oven, then whip up these quick & easy Almond Butter Apricot Squares. You will be forever GRATEFUL towards me. They are F-AMAZING (abbreviation for FREAKING AMAZING, in case you didn’t catch my drift lawlz).

Anywho, let me break this down for you lovies. These are RAW, VEGAN, CLEAN & GLUTEN-FREE!!! A pure bliss of a miracle. All you need (& I will provide the deets in just a minute, or two, or three) are: raw organic almonds, organic raisins cinnamon, organic dried & unsweetened apricots & shredded unsweetened coconut. YES, THAT’S IT. OH & of course, a food processor (I actually used my mini Cuisinart chopper-grinder & it was PERF!).

These babes are literally everything you want in a little perfect square of goodness: healthy, clean, tasty, sweet, just the right texture (like when you take the first bite, YOU. WILL. MELT.), raw, moist, beautiful, heaven. Oh &&&&&&& they contain 1.2g of fibre & 1.3g of protein per square. AND, since you WILL NOT, I REPEAT, WILL NOT, be able to eat just one… you will be loading up on that fibre & protein in a jiffy. So like, WHY NOT MAKE THESE? (Other than being lazy & not wanting to move from your couch, but get up people, GET UP!!).

OKAY, so, you literally have like hardly any ingredients to take out. I SWEAR. It’s so simple & easy, I will have you off the couch as soon as you read this ingredient list. TRY ME.

  • 1 cup of raw organic almonds (I used the ones by Elan Organic);
  • 1 cup of organic raisins (I used the Thompson raisins by Prana Organics);
  • 1 tsp. of cinnamon (I used Simply Organic);
  • 10 dried & organic unsweetened apricots, chopped;
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened organic shredded coconut (I used Cuisine Camino organic shredded coconut).

I BET YOU’RE ALREADY OFF THE COUCH (Am I right?). And if not, HERE IS MY SECOND ATTEMPT. Now, I’ll show you how easy it is TO WHIP THESE BABES UP.

  • Place the almonds, raisins & cinnamon in your food processor. Pulse/chop/grind until mixed thoroughly into a smooth, thick almond butter paste. This took about 2 minutes for me (but obviously this part will vary based on what type of food processor you are using!).
  • Add the chopped apricots and pulse for approximately 30 seconds, THEN, ADD THE COCONUT (MY LOVEEEEEE!) & pulse for another 10 seconds.



  • Remove the beautiful dough & place it either on a cutting board or a counter covered in a piece of plastic wrap (I used option 2 – a lot easier to transfer directly into the freezer after!). Pull up the plastic wrap on either side and press it together to form one large square/rectangle, whatever floats your boat people, keeping the plastic between your hands & the dough, BECAUSE NOBODY LIKES STICKY HANDS.


  • Wrap up the square & put it in your freezer for AT LEAST 20-30 MINUTES. I left mine in there to harden (Wow, that sounded wrong) for about an hour and it was SUPER easy to cut when I took it out, so if you can resist these babes for more than 20-30 minutes, I suggest leaving it in there for an hour. But, I guess this part of the recipe will vary based on how much resistance you have, GAHHH. Don’t know how I waited an hour. Props, Kel, props.


  • Using a sharp knife (I actually used my bread knife & it worked really well!), cut the square into smaller squares/rectangles (whatever floats your boat!).
  • Store the squares in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer. AGAIN, fridge vs. freezer is totz. up to you – it all depends on the texture you prefer – I LOVE when my snacks are frozen & I’ll usually take them out of the freezer a few minutes before I’m about to eat them just to let them slightly thaw (I do the same with my Cookie Dough Balls, WHICH BY THE WAY ARE ALSO HEAVEN, SO MAKE THEM IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!!).

These babies should look like this when FROZEN & CUT & READY TO DEVOUR:

Enjoy all the goodness & rawness of these squares my loves! Xx


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